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You Should Read This Article And Try These Guidelines if You Want to Get Pregnant with Twins

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how to have twins

A woman in her prime is trying to do everything to have money, a house, a husband, and other aspects of life so that later she can safely give birth to children. But they don’t always manage to do it quickly, so they give birth closer to 30-35 years old. But also before this time, the girls may have infertility. Fortunately, with the development of modern technology, this problem can be solved calmly, after which there is even a chance of getting pregnant with twins, or many children.

How to get pregnant with twins? There is no single way or magic pill that will help absolutely every woman. But still, several reasons can lead to the desired result. And we will talk about this further.

How to know if you can have twins?

A woman can become pregnant with twins during the fertilization of 2 eggs, or by fertilizing one egg, which can then divide into two embryos. As many statistics indicate, girls now have more chances of having twins than they did in the past century or even earlier.

As you already know, the more likely to have twins will be the couple who at least once had twins in their family. But this may not always be the case. In addition, girls giving birth after 35 years of age have more opportunities to have two children. There are several main reasons for this. For example, this is because older girls may release more than one egg cell during ovulation than girls in their 20s.

By the way, an interesting fact. Nigerian women are most likely to become pregnant with twins, and Japanese women are least likely to become pregnant.

In addition, larger women have an increased chance of having twins. The exact statements why this is so, scientists haven’t been able to fully disclose. But they still argue that this is because such girls take more useful vitamins and minerals with food, which have a beneficial effect on women’s health.

How likely is it that I will have twins?

what are the chances of having twins

Doctors and gynecologists from different countries are still trying to find the reasons that will affect the birth of twins. Although several factors have already been identified that have odds of having twins. These factors include:

  • Age (as we said: the older, the higher the opportunity);
  • The birth of twins in past generations of the genus;
  • Infertility treatment;
  • Races and others.

Strange as it may seem, but a really cured infertility contributes to the birth of several children. Since the 1980s, the percentage of twin births has increased globally by 75% compared to previous years. This proves that modern methods of treatment are quite reliable and effective.

What is the possibility of having twins in IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization is the latest technology that helps couples to become pregnant. Here, doctors, before the procedure, take the girl’s eggs, and the man’s sperm. Then, in a specially prepared place (dish or container), they are connected to form an embryo. After that, the fertilized egg is placed in the woman’s uterus, where the fetus will develop. In addition, sometimes during IVF, multiple embryos may be injected so that there is a better chance of having two children. Also, before the procedure, the girl may be prescribed fertility drugs, which will help even more when trying to get pregnant with twins.

How to make a woman pregnant with twins if she is taking vitamins?

Of course! This won’t only help you get pregnant, but it will also increase your chances of having healthy twins, while also making you feel better. Doctors strongly recommend taking folic acid for expectant mothers. It can reduce the risk of neural tube problems. In addition, if you take vitamin B before pregnancy, it will increase the possibility of conception.

But for a greater likelihood of becoming pregnant with two children, respectively, more vitamins are needed. Your doctor can prescribe them, as it is very individual. Before prescribing them, you will need to pass a series of tests to determine what vitamins and minerals you need.

And of course, just taking vitamins won’t tell you exactly what are the chances of having twins. Accordingly, along with this, you need to perform other additional actions.

How to get pregnant with twins naturally pregnancy: recommendations from doctors and gynecologists

Here are some more additional tips to help you get things done and answer the “how to have twins” question:

  1. Family history. We advise you to study as much of your relatives from the past as possible. According to some scientists, a woman has the ability to give birth to twins in about 1 in 60 births, while in men this is only 1 in 125 cases. It’s also very likely that if your grandparents have a twin, chances are you can have two too.
  2. Healthy food. As you know, fats have a positive effect on the female body. Healthy fats (not fries and buns) can improve the quality of female hormones, increase your chances of having healthy babies, and improve your pregnancy. Therefore, eat meat (if you are a vegetarian, then try to force yourself to eat it at least during pregnancy), avocados, various nuts, dairy products, seeds, and more. Also, don’t forget about vegetables and healthy carbohydrates such as cereals, bread, beans. As we said earlier, remember to add vitamins to your daily diet.
  3. There is another possibility, how to increase the chances of having twins. It will be higher if you have already had a pregnancy or even more than one. Also, if you and your parents and grandparents have multiple siblings, the chances are much higher.
  4. Comprehensive treatment. Yes! It is the complex that can guarantee the highest probability of having two children. And if at the same time you are predisposed to the birth of twins (age, family history, physique), then the chances are the highest. Doctors will also talk about this if you are examined. You can surely give birth to healthy twins if you follow a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and nutritious foods, get fertility treatments and take beneficial medications. Also, the most important thing will be for you and your husband to have faith and a sincere desire to have these children.

Thanks for reading! We hope our recommendations will help you increase your chances of having twins naturally.

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