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You should know about this day! Don’t miss the opportunity to delight children of different ages

read to me day

Many families used to have a tradition when parents read stories to their children before going to bed so that they could sleep well and soundly. Everyone in childhood adores the time when you get out of the shower, wrap yourself in a blanket, and listen to a pleasant parental voice. But, unfortunately, over time, this tradition is less used, and parents include cartoons for their children. It is so that future generations don’t forget to do this that the International reading day was invented.

History of National read to me day

This day was approved by the Children’s Letters Foundation. The main essence of this holiday was to encourage people of all ages to read ordinary paper books. Scientists have proven that in America many middle-aged people have low grammar, and also poorly read and write. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t educated, or didn’t study at all. This happens only because the person reads less and doesn’t maintain his basic level of knowledge. And thanks to reading books to children before bedtime, many were able to restore their qualities.

Moreover, this holiday isn’t only for reading books by adults for children. Read to me international day is also dedicated to families, couples, seniors who need to read books as they have poor eyesight. In many ways, reading is about bringing people closer together, which is great for their relationships.

National read to me day 2021

international reading day

Even today, in the information age, people don’t forget about the existence of National read-to-me day ideas and conduct them in special reading institutions, or simply with family and friends.

This day is a great way to please children who are left without parents and live in orphanages and orphanages, as well as those who are in hospitals. It’s completely free. Also, you enjoy reading and watching the happy faces of the little listeners.

Observe and promote traditions! Celebrate Read to me day and develop your literacy!

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