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You Must Read This Article If You Want To Get Custody Of Your Own Children

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how often do fathers win custody

There are so many couples in the world who, even after tens of years of living together and giving birth to common children, can simply divorce. There are many reasons for this. But here, after the divorce, fathers are trying to do everything to continue to keep in touch with their children.

Everyone knows how long and difficult it is, and how hard is it to get full custody as a father. We want to help you with this and make it easier for you to get custody of your children. Below we provide useful information and tips on how can a father get full custody of his child.

What are the chances of a father getting full custody?

how to win a custody battle as a father

Historically, it has been much more difficult for fathers to obtain custody than for mothers. After all, the decision of the court can always be different, and will always depend on the factors that will allow the father to take care of his children. And that is why it is impossible to say exactly how often do fathers win custody.

First of all, it is necessary that it be beneficial not only for the man but also for the rest of the family members (mother and children). In addition, spending enough time to resolve this issue and making various plans can significantly increase the possibility of obtaining guardianship.

An interesting fact is that according to the USA, it was noted that 18% of all guardians are fathers. Although we can see these statistics, we cannot provide an exact percentage of fathers who get custody, because not everyone always receives this status. But this isn’t because the court discriminates against men, as many. After all, there is a place to be the opinion of the second parent and the children themselves.

Can a father get full custody?

Of course, it is possible. On the one hand, the court will try to ensure that both parents are guardians because it is in such conditions that children will feel as before, although there won’t be a full-fledged family yet. But there are undoubtedly cases when the father receives full custody of the child. One situation might be, for example, if a mother has an addiction problem or doesn’t take care of her children.

If you are willing to work hard and prove that you will be the best parent for the child, then it will be quite easy to get full custody. But still, how can a dad get full custody? Let’s take a look at some facts that will help you with this.

How to win a custody battle as a father: useful tips

can a father get full custody

Here we will show you the factors that may affect the court’s decision on full parental custody of the child:

  1. Paternity. First of all, you must have on hand all the documents that prove your paternity. This could be a birth certificate or a DNA test. He can also admit the fact of paternity directly in the paternity proceedings.
  2. Relationship with a child. It is clear that if you treat children badly, and they are afraid of you, you won’t receive any custody. Therefore, a good relationship will be an excellent basis for obtaining guardianship. You will need to answer some questions about your relationship with your child. In addition, you may be asked how often you see your baby.
  3. Paternity calendar. Interestingly, there are even special smartphone applications in which you can record data and time spent with children. Such a calendar would be an excellent argument in court.
  4. The relationship between mother and child. Usually, mothers are the primary caretaker of their children, as their relationship is often good and strong. But there are some exceptions here. The father will receive full custody if the mother cannot fully give the child everything to make him feel comfortable. Also, important will be her mental health, addictions, and work.
  5. Opportunities for a mother with full custody of the father. It is worth pointing out that the court may authorize certain actions with children. She will be allowed to see them, walk and socialize so that the children feel almost as usual as if nothing had happened.
  6. Alimony. We recommend that you continue to pay child support even if you are already a full or joint guardian. Keep every check or receipt that confirms the transfer of money. This will be very important if they come to deprive you of the right of custody of the children.
  7. Law. You should definitely read the guardianship rules in your state to make sure you get the most of the clauses.

Thank you for reading! We sincerely hope this information will help you with the question of how to get full custody of my child from the mother.

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