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You must always do this to your child! Find out exactly how to help your child burp

Parents Tips

Usually, each baby always gives a signal that he needs to be fed, changed diapers, or helped to sleep. Newborns can also tell mothers when to stop doing this. But some parents may not always understand that the child is not full, and he just needs to burp.

The child won’t tell you “Mom, help me burp.” Therefore, this must be done regularly and independently. Otherwise, the child will suffer from unpleasant sensations in the body.

Belching is necessary for every child. This will make him feel better after feeding. Oftentimes, the baby can swallow air while drinking milk or other liquid/food. These bubbles fill up space in the stomach, pretending that the baby has already eaten, when in fact it isn’t.

How to know what it takes to get baby to burp

It is impossible to determine the exact time and number of actions to burp a child. But you can still understand when it is worth doing. Here are a few points to help you burp:

  • the child began to spit;
  • he whirls and fusses while feeding, or after;
  • begins to cry;
  • refuses to take food further.

If you notice these points, then it is worth helping. Also, if your child hasn’t yet learned how to burp on their own after the meal is over, you can help.

Why do babies need to burp?

getting baby to burp

As we said a little above, air bubbles fill the space with the child’s stomach, which can adversely affect his well-being. Also, if air appears in the rogue, the baby may feel that he is already full. But after a while, he still wants to eat much earlier, which isn’t very good if you follow the regime.

The newborn doesn’t understand why this strange feeling arises in the tummy, so he gives his mother a signal that something is wrong. In this case, it is better to immediately help him so that the baby doesn’t suffer from unpleasant sensations.

Now you need to know how often this should be done, and then you can proceed to the very main part of the article – how to burp a baby faster and ways to burp a baby.

How often should I burp my newborn?

In general, you need to help your baby burp every 5-7 minutes while breastfeeding, with a bottle or with a formula. While taking the liquid, it is worth doing this every 70-80 milliliters (it is convenient to follow this if you feed on a bottle on which a scale is drawn).

Also, if a newborn takes milk, he can burp with it. To do this, you need to cover some areas of mom’s clothes in advance so as not to get dirty. Or it is better to hold the child in an upright position for about 15-20 minutes, and then burp.

Baby burping positions

the proper way to burp a baby

There are several basic positions for how to burp a baby. If you still don’t know which method is right for you, it’s best to try all newborn burping techniques and then determine how you and your child are more comfortable. Of course, there is no single proper way to burp a baby. It all depends on the child’s reaction to various positions, for example:

  1. On the shoulder. Mom should hold the baby with one hand on the butt, pressing the body to her so that her face is near the shoulder. On the other hand, you can lightly pat on the back. Too much and quickly shouldn’t be done, just like pressing hard on the back, the baby can be painful, and this certainly won’t help him burp.
  2. Head down. Mom should take the child and put him on her knees so that he lies on his stomach on one leg, and his head on the other. In this case, the position of the head should be slightly higher than the chest. One of the hands should firmly hold the child so that he doesn’t fall, and the other should pat or rub his back.
  3. Sitting. The baby needs to be put on your lap so that it is slightly tilted forward. With one hand you need to hold the baby on the head and chest, fixing him, and with the other hand, stroke on the back, or lightly pat.
  4. When mom walks. The best way to burp a baby after feeding. This can be done by a child when he can already hold his head evenly and steadily. Mom needs to hold him in the arms so that his front part of the body looks outward while mom is standing or walking. One hand should hold the child’s bottom, and the other should be on his belly. In this case, you need to slightly press on it. Also, here the mother’s walking has an additional effect, thanks to which even more bubbles will come out.

Burping newborn tips

Here’s some more useful information to help your baby burp.

It is always worth keeping a rag, bib, or towel ready for the baby so that the child spits upon it and doesn’t get the parents dirty.

Also, for some children, a simple pat or pat on the back won’t be enough to burp. Therefore, it is worth increasing the pressure (but you don’t need to pound with your fist directly).

It is best to pat the child not in the upper back, but closer to the belly since this is where the bubbles are located.

You should always help your child to burp to avoid whims and crying. Also, air bubbles can form colic, which will cause the child even more discomfort.

Thanks for reading! We hope this article helps you and your child.

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