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Why you should not devalue books a teen reads

Parents Tips
how to motivate the kid to read more

Parents often get upset that their children do not read books; but if a teenager takes a book, these same parents begin to resent: why do they read such bad (in their opinion) literature?

Reading is normal, and no one will scold you for this skill, but somebody can judge you. Sometimes teenagers (as well as other people) read something that is considered a «bad text»: often it is a definition of super-popular literature with a typical plot. Such literature with the same stories, too recognizable characters, and huge readership demand.

We were told that this is an empty, consumer reading that gives nothing to the heart and mind. We all know why we should not read it. So why do we do it? Because there is something that hooks us and we want to get the right emotions quickly. Finally, we want predictability: such literature strictly obeys the rules of the literary genre, while in «good books» there is always something wrong, they are difficult to grasp. If you have a close person of fourteen years or older who only reads «bad texts», you may be worried about it.

In that case, find out exactly why the «bad book» or «disgusting fan fiction» were interesting to read. Maybe these books have an alternative. Unless, of course, the book of fan fiction was really stereotyped and horribly written, not because your readership tastes are different.

Try to highlight the main idea of the text and to understand why it was interesting to read. Such literature usually has a qualitative alternative based on its main idea. Try to offer an alternative carefully – not because you are dissatisfied with his/her taste in literature, but because you want to offer a teen some new interesting options.

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