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Why it is important to be engaged in creative activities with your child


The education system does not always use the creative component in a child’s development. Carry out an experiment – ask your kid to draw a building. Almost certainly, you will get drawings similar to each other.

We accustom children to see only one way to solve the problem, not developing their creativity. On the contrary, develop your child to be versatile and you will teach him/her to think, avoiding the imposed stamps, and go beyond the usual thinking.

the developing of kid's creativity

Painting lessons

It develops a child’s fantasy, imaginative thinking, attention, and assiduity. Firstly try to study the reproduction of any famous painting. Discuss it with your kid. This exercise will help to develop the child’s speech, logical thinking, ability to notice small details, and empathy.

Architecture classes

They teach to be observant, to think outside the box, and, importantly, to develop project thinking. You may draw a detailed plan for your house with a kid. Ask him/her to name the rooms and furniture location, for example. It will develop imaginative thinking.

Classic music lessons

It will teach the child how to listen and to hear the world around him/her and will increase assiduity and attention. Music affects all parts of the brain, activates the senses, and improves motor coordination.

Listen with your baby to the sounds of different musical instruments. Later, listen to how these instruments may sound in the orchestra. This will help to develop abstract thinking.

Poetry classes

It develops imaginative thinking, a child’s logic, and a sense of rhythm.

Read poems with your kid, analyze it, try to memorize small fragments – it is excellent memory training.

Theater and ballet classes.

You will raise a person who is developed both spiritually and physically by taking theatre classes with your child or teaching him or her the art of dance.

Handicraft classes

Handicraft helps to develop fine motor skills of fingers and imagination. The child begins to understand the world around him by getting acquainted with new materials.

The most important thing is not to forget to praise your baby. Give him a place for an exhibition. Develop with him new directions to show his creative abilities.

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