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Why is it so important to choose the best infant car seat?


A passenger car is an important attribute and a reliable assistant in a family where there is a small child or several children of different ages. Every woman who sees young mothers feel discomfort while traveling with children on public transport represents what it would be like to be one of these women. And rest assured that the first thought she will have when she sees such a situation is buying a car.

A trip to the doctor, a walk-in a beautiful park on the other side of the city, a vacation at the cottage, or parents’ place outside the city. All these trips are a mini-stress for parents, children, and all those around.

best infant car seat

It would seem that you bought a car, and the problem is solved. But with the purchase of a car, there is a need to choose and buy the best toddler car seat. Such a restraint device is a guarantee of safety and a mandatory condition for the transportation of children under 12 years in the legislation of many countries. According to the results of experiments, the best newborn car seat helps to protect your child from injuries and saves its life even in the most dangerous accidents in 75% of cases.

The safety and health of each child are the top priority for all responsible parents. Therefore, choosing the best car seats for toddlers is the next stage after the purchase of the vehicle. We will help and tell you how not to make a mistake and buy a safe first infant car seat and minimize the risk of injury during the trip.

Best baby car seat: What is it and why it’s so important?

We agree that mom’s hands are the most favorite and safe place for any baby. But it’s not about car journeys. And if you think that a 12 or 15-month-old baby can be put in mom’s hands or fixed with the help of usual seat belts that are designed for adults – we advise you to reconsider your views or walk only.

Best car seats for infants equipped with a secure and tight fixation in the car. It has its own internal fastening (inner straps, safety pads, and sidelocks) which eliminates negative consequences for the baby in the most unforeseen road accidents.

Safest baby car seat groups

car seat safety ratings

All best toddler car seats are divided into groups by weight, height, and age of the child. Let’s look at each of these groups in detail:

Group 0 (best infant car seat) – these car seats are designed for infants up to 9 months (from birth and up to 10 kg). They have the shape of a cradle and are designed for babies who cannot sit and hold their heads. “Group 0” car seats should be equipped with inner straps and additional cushions for the baby’s head. The service life of such chairs doesn’t exceed half a year, because the child grows out of it very quickly.

The advantages of these cute baby car seats

  • they don’t load the spine of a baby;
  • some models of car seats of the group “0” can be used together with strollers and as a rocking chair;
  • mainly all models of the group “0” have a handy carrying handle that allows carrying a child without disturbing the sweet dreams.

Many experts believe that this group of car seats is not very safe to transport small children. And the results of many crash tests show sad results. So, if you have the opportunity to refuse to travel with a baby for up to a year or at least 6 months, this is our sincere recommendation.

All this is because such small children have very weak motor nerves and neck muscles. Their head is the heaviest part of the body, which is a quarter of the total weight. This is a huge load for the non-resilient neck.

If you understand that you can’t do without moving with a child at this age, then pay attention to the presence of wide and soft belts in the chair group “0” + it must be equipped with additional locks for the child’s head.

We believe that you should pay immediate attention to a group “0+” car seat or a mixed type of car seat “0/0+/1”. They cost much more but they are well designed and will last you much longer.

The second and mixed group of car seats – “0/0+/1″(from birth to 18 kg). It is considered the most universal and practical for long-distance travel. Manufacturers of this group of equipment produce car seats with different angles of the back. We recommend you to pay attention to all fasteners and buckles in this best infant car seat for small cars. All belt pads in the neck and shoulder area should be wide and tight.

Also, you should pay attention to the lock and buckle that is responsible for child car seat safety. They should have cloth padding that will protect your baby’s stomach from injury. The belt buckle should be strong and reliable so that any child cannot unbuckle it on their own while driving. This is one of the most important children’s car seat requirements.

An important point and advantage of these car seats are that you can set their back against traffic for a child under a year and a baby after 1 year – in the direction of travel of the vehicle.

The group of car seats “1/2/3” heads the top of the best-rated car seats.

This chair is ideal for those parents who don’t go on a trip with their children very often. It is universal because it is designed for children from 9 months to 12 years and can withstand a child weighing up to 36 kg.

It’s advantages

  • most models in this group of car seats have an adjustable headrest (it can be adapted to the child’s height);
  • these chairs have several backrest tilt positions;
  • the inner seat belts are also adjustable to suit the height of the small passenger.

The only disadvantage of this group of car seats is the lack of safety compared to seats for a certain age of the child.

General recommendations for choosing the best infant car seat

best rated car seats
  • you may know the basic parameters – weight, height, and age of your child but it is better if you take it with you and test it before buying.
  • check the label. You should buy those car seats that are labeled ECE 44 or ECE 129 (i-Size). This abbreviation confirms that the car seat has passed the whole cycle of tests in Europe and meets all the requirements of the European Security Standard.
  • when you compare different models that belong to the same group of car seats, you should pay attention to the marks they received at the end of the crash test.

And remember that you are the clearest example for your children. When you go on the road, don’t forget to buckle up while driving and think about your safety among other things.

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