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Why don’t adults respect kids?

Parents Tips
why do adults have to teat their kids with respect

How often do you hear the phrase «to act like a child»? Sounds like an insult, doesn’t it? The word «child» has become almost a name-calling.

Many people think it is quite fair: in fact, very often we have to hear from children the most ridiculous judgments and speculations. But if you only think about this «nonsense» – you will once and for all give up this opinion. In this «nonsense» there is a need to comprehend the world around us.

It is really so. Imagine how much the child has to comprehend. A little adult learns so much new in the first years of his/her life, as he/she won’t get for the rest of his/her life. The child is a blank sheet, and how and in what colors will be depicted in this picture depends primarily on the kid’s environment.

How often do parents and older siblings not ask the opinion of a small family member? They choose clothes, toys, and pastimes, thinking that the child is not yet able to choose and to make decisions by himself/herself. But just recall how the child behaves in a toy store – he/she chooses exactly what he/she likes, but what, of course, may not like parents.

You might have the question: «You want to say I should allow everything to the kid?». No, you don’t have to let him/her do everything he/she wants, but you have to explain what he/she can and cannot do. And you have to explain why.

That way you’ll know for yourself that there are more things you can allow your child. For example, you don’t let your kid crawl on all fours on the street playing with a car. Why not? Because the baby gets dirty and you have to wash his/her new pants? Or are you worried that the babies may get some kind of infection? On the same kids’ playground, there are no fewer infections, but the new child’s track impressions will be heard even by the grandmother, who comes on weekends.

Simple rules that parents need to help their child to feel complete and to grow up happy and independent

  • Ask for the kid’s opinion;
  • Suggest a few options so that the child can choose what he/she wants to do or which toy he or she will come home with;
  • Explain clearly and calmly why his/her decision is wrong and how this can be changed;
  • Remember that the child is also human, that he or she has feelings, emotions, sympathies, and antipathies, and in some ways, it is up to you;
  • Don’t neglect the child’s problems, don’t talk or think that all his/her problems are nonsense. Sometimes they are much more important to the baby than the problems of the world scale because he/she is not yet able to appreciate the enormity of this world;
  • Don’t blame and scold the child for what he/she’s done. It is better to help to correct the situation and to explain what he/she did wrong and how to correct it;
  • Don’t say expressions like «you’re acting like a child» because he/she really is a child. And there’s nothing wrong or embarrassing about it.

Childhood is the most difficult yet great period in a person’s life. So let’s respect children and love them. Love just because they are with us.

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