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Why Do Children Need Braces and Other Information To Help You!

Children Braces

Often parents say: “Braces for children need to be put when they have grown up”. This is one of the most common misconceptions, as a result of which, instead of one problem, three appear: the child is uncomfortable because of his smile; the same moment, he cannot decide to install braces; even if you decide, you have to walk with braces twice as long as if they were installed in a timely manner. Let’s find out when braces are necessary and why you shouldn’t postpone the correction of a child’s bite until later.

Why Do Children Need Braces?

The alignment process of kids with bad teeth with braces is half that of adults. Parents have every chance to quickly correct the deformities of the child’s teeth, sometimes even before the bite problems begin. It is best to have braces installed at an early age, around 11-13 years old so that the child doesn’t experience discomfort from an imperfect smile as they grow up.

When Should a Child Be Referred to an Orthodontist and Place Braces?

When to put braces for children is also an individual question: teeth in all children are erupted and formed at different ages, therefore, it is possible to determine the need to install a bracket system only during a consultation with a dentist.

In general, it is advisable to install braces at the age of 11-13. Doctors recommend that kids that need braces have metal or ceramic braces. Some dentists still use lingual braces, which are considered “invisible”, but we strongly recommend avoiding them because they:

  • less comfortable;
  • complicate food intake;
  • increase the time for aligning the teeth;
  • rarely allow you to achieve the desired result.

Why Do Dentists Want To Put Braces on Baby Teeth?

When Should a Child Be Referred to an Orthodontist

Some doctors and parents are already starting to think about braces for kids from an early age, as they are worried about the correct development of teeth in their children. In fact, braces aren’t recommended for baby teeth. The irregular shape of milk teeth is corrected with the help of orthodontic appliances and retainers. At the same time, other child orthodontists may place partial braces if the permanent anterior teeth and molars have grown abnormally and need to make room for the eruption of the canines.

And how many teeth do you have to lose to get braces cannot be said for sure. After all, if a child’s teeth fall out, then new ones must necessarily grow in their place, before putting on braces. This is important because teeth that aren’t included in the braces can grow in a completely different way.

There are two ways to install braces for children:

  1. Straight. The doctor chooses suitable places on each tooth and fixes the braces;
  2. Indirect. The doctor calculates the correct position of the braces and glues them to the plaster cast. Next, he makes a mouth guard, which serves to transfer the braces to the child’s teeth.

The doctor selects the method of installing braces individually for each baby, taking into account the wishes of his parents.

The child gets used to the braces within 2-3 weeks. During this period, the little patient experiences pain when wearing braces, which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. The child may have teeth aches and may feel like they are moving. This means that the process of aligning the teeth has begun. As a rule, the child experiences discomfort for the first 2-4 days. If the pain is severe and difficult to endure, you can give the child a pain reliever (of course, after consulting your doctor).

To avoid tooth decay, parents need to make sure that the child:

  • brushed my teeth after every meal;
  • used additional dental care products (floss, mouthwash, irrigator, special brushes for cleaning teeth with braces);
  • use a suitable food for kids with braces, which will be easier to get if it gets stuck between the teeth or in the bracket system;
  • you need to carry out professional teeth cleaning every three months.

What Do Parents Need To Prepare for Child’s Braces?

First, parents should know how to persuade a child to take such a step. The main reason why children refuse to wear braces is the fear of ridicule from their peers. Here are some tips from our doctors:

  • come up with an incentive why you need to wear braces. For example, draw the child’s attention to the beautiful smiles of his peers and explain that he can have the same straight teeth;
  • Prove that braces are cool, temporary, and not scary at all. You can find photos of popular young stars who walk with braces and aren’t at all shy about it.

In general, it is better not to persuade or force the child, but to explain the benefits of braces and help present the result.

How Much Do Braces Cost for Kids?

How Much Do Braces Cost for Kids?

It is impossible to say the exact price, because everything depends on many factors, for example, the choice of the clinic and the dentist, which system you want to use and other details. In addition, don’t forget about the additional costs of care for braces and oral cavities while wearing them. Otherwise, you will have to spend even more time and money to get the desired result, or simply return to the starting point.

We are sure that you now know everything there is to know about braces for your child. This is a very important topic that needs to be given maximum attention to avoid bad consequences. So use our tips and information to get it right and beautiful!

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