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Why boys don’t play with dolls?

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my son plays with doll

Historically, people have divided toys and games along gender lines. Think back to the first question you hear from the sales assistant at the toy store: “Are you looking for a toy for a boy or a girl?”

Then you are directed either to the department where the pink atmosphere of princesses and dolls with frying pans reigns or to the paradise of various weapons, transformers, robots, and dinosaurs. So, you only have two ways and not the fact that any of them is the right one.

But as many modern child psychologists and neuroscientists say, that it is time to erase this invisible line between toys for boys and girls.

Why boys don’t play with dolls?

my son plays with dolls

First, we forbid boys to play with dolls and cook delicious dinner with a set of baby dishes, and then we wonder why our children grow up to be heartless robots and monsters. Don’t you think these causes and effects are all connected? Let’s look into it.

Besides, have you often encountered a situation where a girl was forbidden to play with a toy gun or a car? It seems that boys have more serious requirements and prohibitions for different social roles.

And all because parents themselves are ashamed in front of other parents that their boy chose a doll among all the toys and he is really interested in playing with it. Just think that the parents feel shame, but not the child, who doesn’t understand what is wrong here at all.

Should boys play with dolls – or is it bad for his manhood?

why boys don't play with dolls

Not many people understand that play is the mechanism, a kind of mirror through which you can understand what is happening in the life of the child, and his development.

As the famous Polish doctor, writer, and educator Janusz Korczak said, “Most children’s games are an imitation of the serious activities of an adult”. And it is difficult to argue with this statement.

In the past, different peoples and civilizations did not divide little children into boys and girls at all. All small children (usually up to 3-5 years old) were just children. They all had rather long hair and wore the same clothes, which looked more like a girl’s dress. And this approach made more sense. Only over time did children begin to understand what kind of behavior society expected of them.

But we can no longer live a past life where boys are forbidden to cry and look after their appearance like a girl.

Somehow girls are not forbidden to defend the fortress on the playground or play ball with the boys. And it looks and feels less painful than the phrase “my son plays with dolls”. Usually, such a phrase sounds like a sentence, that my boy is in trouble, he will grow up to be a girl. And then he will want to change sex, what a woe. So, can boys play with dolls?

Is it okay for boys to play with dolls?

As we said above, that’s a problem more often than not for the parents of the boy who played with the doll.

As the researchers say, boys show how they can show their feelings in this way (he is not ashamed of them) and know how to take care and most importantly pay attention. What is wrong and abnormal here? And this behavior does not indicate that he is weak or otherwise “not a boy”.

What happened if the boy played a doll?

The main conclusion you have to draw for yourself is that the game has no gender.

It is a tool through which young children learn about the world, empathy, and the ability to process social information.

You can understand what is happening to your child through the games and toys he chooses. Play with them and don’t forbid them to be themselves!

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