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Who are the online babysitters and how do they work

Parents Tips
online baby-sitters during quarantine

Online sitter services come to help tired moms and dads in isolation. They gained popularity during quarantine. In fact, there work the same nannies, who work online.

Online nannies have to cope with a number of additional difficulties. They can’t ensure a clean workplace, they can’t catch a child if he/she falls. The responsibility for the safety of the child falls entirely on parents under these conditions. All games must be as safe as possible because babysitters can’t control how the baby will use scissors and small parts from the «Lego».

The second problem is technical. Some of the children have a bad camera, sometimes there is a slow Internet, sometimes the link doesn’t work.

Almost all babysitters say it is much harder to keep a child’s attention online. That’s why they have to prepare for work more carefully. It is extremely important to interest the child from the first minutes. Nannies need to have a few more spare options and to change activities every 5-15 minutes in addition to the lesson plan and the necessary materials for it. Some online orders last three or four hours, the child’s attention periodically slips away from the phone, children can get away from the camera, so it is necessary to be even more active and interesting for babies than ever.

The platform to lead the lessons is chosen by the parents. The nanny clarifies the interests and hobbies of the child, his/her level of knowledge, and topics that should be avoided before the lesson is held. The online lesson itself starts with an acquaintance. Then it depends on the circumstances. «I show pictures on the screen, small fragments of video. We do gymnastics for the eyes in the middle of the lesson. Children are very fond of the facts about nature, animals, reading fairy tales, showing toys, drawing, puzzles, discussion of favorite stories and characters», says online nanny.

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