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Where do the malicious comments on social networks come from?

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why is there so much negativity on the internet

Does someone systematically leave negative comments under your posts? Discusses you, and says nasty things behind your back when you don’t even give it a reason?

Congratulations, you’ve got a «hater»! You can even be proud of it – not everyone can cause such a stormy reaction.

In a sense, the Internet has made the world look like a big village. Bullying became harder to contain and harder to ignore. If a person is bullied on his/her Facebook page, all his or her surroundings are aware of it. While the person remains on the web, there is a continuous stream of notifications to his/her email, which makes him or her vulnerable.

A recent analysis of data from different countries shows that the number of bullying incidents worldwide has decreased by 10%, but it has become more difficult to avoid bullying.

So who are malicious comments, and where do they come from?

Let’s start with the obvious: if a person finds time to harsh things to someone, something is wrong with his (her) life. Because if you’re okay, you have your own things, plans, and activities.

And if you have an extra five minutes, you’ll spend learning a few more English words. Or at least watch a series of your favorite shows. Simply put, a normal person lives his life, and the only people he’s wasting precious time with – family, friends, and lovers.

But if a human is preoccupied with another person, and all his (her) free time he (she) is doing what throws him “virtual poop” – it’s a reason to think.

The causes for this behavior lie in banal envy and inner dissatisfaction with his life.

There were always a lot of such people, but they were not seen until they were able to express their anger without consequences. The Internet has become a channel for draining negatives.

According to psychologists, the source of negative reactions are mechanisms of psychological protection.

First of all, aggression arises in insecure and complex people. Such people most often become losers. It is bitter for them to admit that their low social status is the result of their own actions and decisions. It is much easier to blame other people: parents, government, Jews, Freemasons, homosexuals, or Americans. They are used to shifting responsibility. It is psychologically easier for them to be in a state of thoughtlessness and dullness so that they never realize the reasons for constant failures.

Such people need to criticize someone. Low self-esteem is compensated for by devaluing the other person.

How does a malicious comment affect a person?

how can negative comment on social media damage your reputation

When a person is bullied online, it seems that he is being pursued everywhere, even when he is at home. He gets the impression that he has nowhere to hide from his abusers.

Such actions can have long-term consequences

  • Psychological – the person is sad, embarrassed, seems stupid to himself, or angry.
  • Emotional – the person starts to be ashamed of their hobbies or loses interest in them.
  • Physiological – fatigue (sleep problems) or symptoms such as abdominal pain and headaches.

Fear of being ridiculed or persecuted by others may prevent victims from telling the problem or trying to solve it. In extreme cases, internet bullying can lead a person to commit suicide.

Internet bullying affects many different aspects of our lives. But all these problems can be overcome, and self-confidence can be restored.

How to avoid it?

The main thing is not to provoke them into conflicts, thus heating up interest in themselves. “Hater” wants not so much to insult you and prove his right, but to draw attention to his beloved (in fact, their main problem is that they are not loved). That’s why he (she) will come back again, and again until you stop answering him.

Thus, when you meet unjustified criticism and insults against yourself, there is no reason to be upset. People just take the edge off. It has no bearing on you.

Comments should be removed so as not to provoke other users to useless dialogs. Sometimes it is worth using a hitter’s comments as an excuse for self-representation with a compelling argument that demonstrates your expertise.

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