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When Can Babies Hear in the Womb? Interesting Facts About the Development of Hearing in a Child!

Pregnant Baby

From the moment of birth until maturity, our body is constantly growing and developing. Although growth spurts and puberty are most noticeable, our ears also go through a developmental process. But when do babies develop ears? Like most of our other senses, hearing begins to develop even in utero. However, the ability to hear goes a long way before becoming a complex process. Hearing plays an important role in the formation of communication skills, interaction with the outside world and its cognition. Now we will tell you when does a fetus start to hear and other important and interesting details of this process.

When Can Babies Hear in the Womb?

We think you have a rough idea of ​​how big your baby is at 16 weeks. The child isn’t yet fully formed, and the length of his body from the crown to the coccyx is only 11-15 cm, and the weight is about 120 g. Can you imagine how small he is? At the same time, asking yourself the question of what does my baby look like at 16 weeks, you will be interested to know that the baby’s body and internal parts of the body have already begun to form. He looks like a full-fledged child, only several times smaller. Along with the growth of the scarlet body, hearing also develops.

You aren’t yet familiar with your baby and only imagine what he will be like when he is born. The child, on the other hand, begins to get to know you by voice even during pregnancy. At about 16 weeks pregnant, the baby begins to distinguish sounds, and by the 24th it can react to the voices of mom and dad.

Of course, the first person he sees as a baby is his mother. Until your baby’s ear canals are formed by 4 months pregnant, your baby will feel the vibration of your voice going through your body, as well as you’re breathing and heartbeat. In the last trimester, he already extracts some information from voices and sounds, demonstrating various reactions.

Your little one hears womb noise and discerns the voices of people who are constantly around you. He is already very familiar with his dad’s voice. The child can give preference to some kind of voice, pleasing to him. If the voice (or any other sound) is too harsh or loud, your toddler may respond with strong jolts.

Did you know that the music that a child hears in the womb, through the neuroendocrine system, affects almost all systems and organs of the child? Depending on the type and tempo of the music, the breathing rate, muscle tone, stomach and intestinal motility of the baby change. Avoid loud and harsh music, let your kid listen to classics: Mozart and Vivaldi. Calm music can even lull a baby to sleep.

How Often To Talk to the Child Inside the Womb?

How Often To Talk to the Child Inside the Womb?

Of course, you need to talk to your baby as often as possible – both mom and dad. Use every opportunity to talk to your baby through your pregnant headphones between your bodies. Talk to yourself when you are doing something around the house or walking.

Scientists have proven that hearing the voices of parents, the child reacts to their intonation and calms down, the rhythm of his heart is normalized. Therefore, the tone of the conversation should be calm, the voices should be low. Children who constantly hear the affectionate voice of their mother are born calm and balanced.

Sing Songs

Sing songs to your baby. Soon you will notice that the baby can react to them – actively move.

Talk to Your Baby

If you already know the gender of the child, refer to him by the name that you have chosen for him. Or come up with an affectionate nickname for your toddler.

Read Loud

Read books to your baby. It can be any literature, whether for children or adults, that you like. If you are reading before bed, read aloud. This habit will come in handy when your baby is born.

Avoid Noise

Try to avoid noisy places, harsh noises, and loud conversations. If the baby doesn’t like something, he may start pushing hard.
Now you know for sure that babies can hear in the womb. In addition, we have told you useful things that can be useful to you during this stage of pregnancy, when hearing is developing. Remember to talk to your child every day and as many times as possible, so that from that moment on, create a special bond between mom and child. Also, let other people talk to the baby, because this way he will understand that not only his mother is waiting for him. Try to say only nice things, fewer obscene words, and you can even hum good songs to help your baby get used to them before birth. We are sure that your child will already smile right in the womb if you act correctly and with heart!

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