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When to transition to a toddler bed?

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when to transition to toddler bed

There is one topic that is as much discussed by many young mothers as breastfeeding. And it’s a huge dilemma to sleep with a baby or it’s time for switching from crib to toddler bed.

More and more women come to psychologists and pediatricians with a common problem – when to transition to a toddler bed. Because she heard from her mother (grandmother), or read on the Internet that it is impossible to approach a child so often at night and feed him, or it is necessary to put the child in a separate bed (sooner better than later). Mothers listen to practical advice and as a result cry at the door where their baby is torn from hysterics. After all, as they say, knowledgeable and experienced people – will be crying and stop, don’t pamper the child or grow up and manipulate you. Plus, you need to accustom him to independence from early childhood.

American scientists have found out that 50% of young couples are afraid to say that they don’t sleep with their children. Because their confession will be evidence of their selfishness and bad attitude towards the child.

According to the same scientists at Iowa State University, parents should sleep separately with their child but in the same room. Because this affects the quality of sleep for both parents and children. Everyone should fall asleep and be chipper in the morning.

We believe that parents should not feel ashamed of what they do with their children as they see fit. And no one should report to other people about what is happening inside the family. The main thing is for the child and parents to feel comfortable.

But back to the question of when to transition from crib to bed?

transition from crib to toddler bed

Some children can safely sleep in their own bed with bumpers that guarantee them a safe sleep. But it’s time for a changing crib to a toddler bed. This can happen for the following reasons:

  • Children grow up quickly, and therefore they need a bed that fits their height and weight. If the child’s legs rest against the crib, there is a risk that the child may develop scoliosis.
  • There are also active children who can easily get out of their little nest. But take your time, it may not be a reason for moving a toddler from crib to bed. You can start by trying to lower the crib mattress and raise the edges. Otherwise, the child may fall from a regular bed without edges.
  • Maybe you are waiting for a second child and you need to start to accustom the child to a new place to sleep, so it is better to prepare your baby in advance.

The transition from crib to toddler bed

how to transition to toddler bed

As usual, there is no ideal exact age when to convert a crib to a toddler bed. All pediatricians, psychologists, and simply experienced parents agree that transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed should take place between 1.5 and 3 years. Just during this period, the baby begins to understand that he and his mother are two separate people who can live without each other. At this point, it realizes that you can exist without each other for long periods of time.

This can be explained by the fact that any person should establish a strong connection with a loved one and a half years. This is important for the mental and somatic health of the baby in the future.

During this period, the baby should feel the presence of someone close to him and not wake up in terror checking whether everyone is alive and whether he was left alone in an empty room. Do you agree that this is stress for a small child?

Tips for transitioning to toddler bed

  • If you have a good financial situation, you can buy a spacious, funny baby bed in the form of a cartoon character, spaceship, or car. Thus, this process can be turned into a real holiday.
  • You can use your child’s favorite bed linen (even if it does not fit the size of the new bed). He will be so used to it and it is easier for him to adapt to the new conditions.
  • If you know that your child spins in his sleep, you should think about how to fence the bed at first. It is definitely not superfluous, then you can remove them.
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