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When to take a pregnancy test?

when can i do a pregnancy test

Today we will talk about the most exciting topic that awaits almost every girl. And it’s not even pregnancy itself or waiting for the birth of a child.

Buying a pregnancy test is almost the most exciting process in both cases-if you’ve been expecting a baby for a very long time, or if you weren’t planning on having one in the next 5 years.

There is no more common or safer way to find out if you’re pregnant than using a rapid response test. You can find it anywhere. Pregnancy tests are available in every pharmacy, health supply store, or regular grocery store (usually located where condoms are, near the cash register).

Today we’ll look at how the test works, what varieties there are, and when to take a pregnancy test?

Varieties and principles of at-home pregnancy test


Our hormones are the best reflection of what is going on in our bodies. And this time one of them is an indicator of whether you are pregnant or your menstrual cycle is delayed for another reason.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is the name of the hormone released when a fertilized egg is attached to the wall of the uterus. If hCG is present in the blood (if we are talking about laboratory diagnosis) or in the urine of a woman, then congratulations – you are pregnant.

But another question arises – after how many days pregnancy can be confirmed by urine test?

Okay, you had unprotected intercourse and you are worried about your status. But rushing, in this case, will not help to make an accurate diagnosis. Because the egg needs time to go through all the stages and move to its final destination – the uterus. There are also cases of ectopic pregnancy when the zygote attaches to the walls of the fallopian tube for certain reasons.

How soon can I take a pregnancy test? (Blood test)

We are sure that you understand that the lab test is more accurate in evaluating a woman’s current condition (it gives an accurate result 100% of the time when a normal strip test or digital test is more like 90%).

In addition, this test shows the presence of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which can be dangerous not only for the woman but also for her baby.

Blood pregnancy tests timing. Doctors say that 11 to 12 days after your period is late is the best time to take a pregnancy test.

Of course, you can also come back earlier with this question. The earliest time is 6 days after your expected menstrual date. But be prepared for the fact that if the test is negative, you will need to come to the doctor again because the probability of error is high.

The fact that the level of hCG begins to increase twice every 2-3 days after physical conception. So, if you are worried about when to take home pregnancy tests, it is better to wait until at least a week has passed.

After all, even after the results of the blood test, you may be asked to come again in a few days.

However, how long to wait to take a pregnancy test?

Once again, we repeat the fact that you cannot learn about your pregnancy during the first 2-3 days after unprotected sexual intercourse.

The best and earliest time is 8 days after your period is late. An earlier diagnosis may not be accurate with conventional and drugstore tests be prepared for that. Buy them only after 10-12 days for a clearer picture.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

a pregnancy test

If you are itching to know your status, you can try buying early pregnancy tests with a high level of sensitivity. But doctors warn that even such highly sensitive ways of diagnosis do not provide a 100% guarantee. This is all a marketing ploy.

It is also worth pointing out the reasons why a woman’s hCG level may be high:

  • After taking hormonal drugs;
  • The presence of a malignant tumor in one of the organs;
  • Unstable hormonal background after an abortion procedure.

When do pregnancy tests work and when not?

There is a point when you have suffered and did not do the test for a full 12 days, but your method of diagnosis can also mislead you.

Such cases often occur in those women who have an unstable menstrual cycle that lasts less or more than 28 days. Then you may not be able to tell right away if you are pregnant or if you should retest.

In what cases can the test show wrong results?

Each pregnancy test has a special coating that reacts with hCG and is colored a certain color (often red).

But sometimes this test may not show your pregnancy or lack thereof due to improper storage or expiration of the test strip.

You bought a test with a low level of sensitivity. Yes, there are cheap and expensive pregnancy tests. And it is logical that those that are more expensive have a higher concentration (most often the number 10).

The sensitivity level is always listed on the package or in the instructions for the test. The higher the number on the package, the less sensitive the test is to hCG.

The timing of the test also matters. As all pregnancy tests indicate, it is best to do the test in the morning when the concentration of hCG in the urine is the highest. Evening diagnosis may not be accurate.

Therefore, when you decide to check whether you are pregnant or not, you should always pay attention to:

  • The expiration date of the test;
  • The level of sensitivity to hCG (you can ask the pharmacist and he will tell you the exact characteristics of the test);
  • The storage conditions of the test;
  • The time of the test should be in the morning.

To avoid counterfeit or low-quality tests then we advise you to make your purchase in pharmacies. After all, the staff tries to more or less create the proper conditions for the storage of pregnancy tests.

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