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When the child starts talking?

babies start talking

Talking is one of the main differences between humans and representatives of the animal world. It is a way of communication and parents are looking forward to the first words of their beloved baby and want his speech to develop correctly and at the right time. That is why the question “When do babies start talking well?” becomes one of the most relevant in the first years of a baby’s life.

Speech, thinking, and psyche develop at the same time, and by the nature of speech or its absence, you can suspect deviations or lags in the development of the child. But you shouldn’t panic too much. Of course, there is the age babies start talking about certain sounds or words, but they are approximate. In reality, babies begin to talk earlier or later, and this will be considered an individual norm.

Age for babies to talk

age babies talk

Children up to one year old

A child begins to walk, gag, and pronounce intricate vowel roulades by two or four months. From about seven months, the baby begins to babble, and then pronounce individual syllables. Babies start talking the first words at the age of about a year. These are simple one- and two-syllable words: “mom”, “dad”, “baba”, “give”, as well as all kinds of onomatopoeia, for example, “tutu”, “ko-ko”, “meow”. There should be five to ten such words in a child’s lexicon.

Children under two years old

The period from one year to two is the time when babies start to talk a lot of words. In the speech of a child of this age, nouns and verbs predominate. Closer to the age of two, children already express themselves in simple sentences, can generalize objects according to a certain criterion, perceive simple stories.

Children under three years old

The period from two to three years is the time when babies starting to talk in sentences of three to four words. By the age of three, question words and new parts of speech already appear in the child’s speech, such as adjectives and adverbs. He can also tell simple stories, memorize simple rhymes.

How to help a child start talking?

babies starting to talk

Talk to your baby constantly

Tell your child what you are doing now, what you see around. He should hear live speech around him because starting to speak words he imitates adults. Don’t try to replace live communication with TV or audio recordings- the desired effect will not be achieved.

Develop motor skills

Improving finger and hand movements indirectly contributes to the development of the brain area that is responsible for speech activity. For a child to start talking early, it is necessary to play finger games, draw with finger paints, sort out cereals.

Exercise to get your child to speak

Read the rhymes to the child, encourage him to name the objects that he sees in the pictures and around him, perform articulation exercises aimed at learning the pronunciation of certain sounds.

Don’t ignore the signs of delayed speech development if:

  • By the age of one, the child didn’t have a couple of words in speech, at least onomatopoeic;
  • By one and a half or two years, the child doesn’t remember the names of objects, doesn’t fulfill requests, and doesn’t respond to his name;
  • By the age of two, the child pronounces only individual words and can’t even make a simple sentence of two words, and also doesn’t repeat words after an adult;
  • By the age of three, the child doesn’t speak in sentences of three or four words, doesn’t understand the meaning of simple stories.

Parents should also be alerted by a slurred speech in which nothing can be discerned, hyperactive behavior, as well as some strange characteristics of the child: if he doesn’t know how to chew food, keeps his mouth open, doesn’t look into your eyes. These can also indicate development problems.

If you notice that the child’s speech doesn’t correspond to the age babies talk, you should consult a specialist, he may need classes with a speech therapist. The sooner you notice a delay in speech development and start classes with specialists, the better results the child will achieve.

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