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When Do Babies Start Grabbing Their Feet: Development of the Feet of Every Baby!

When Do Babies Start Grabbing Their Feet

Agree, your baby’s legs are very similar to yours. But there are still a number of differences, like baby curls toes, which denote the development of your baby’s feet and other parts of your feet. At an early age, there are several stages of this development, which every parent needs to know about and help when a baby discovers feet. Today in the article we will answer how the development of these body parts goes and of course is it normal for babies to curl their toes.

When Do Babies Start Playing With Their Feet?

And so, many parents try to catch when do babies find their feet. This usually happens from about 4-8 months. A more accurate guess of when do babies reach will depend on how their legs are being strengthened. As a rule, a child must go through several stages of development of his “organ for walking”, after when do babies start grabbing their feet. These include the use of:

Pre-Walkers and Sliders

This is the stage when children aren’t yet quite eager to learn to walk and run. From about 7-9 months, the child begins to form a foot, and it becomes stronger and can hold the weight of the child. Until that time, when do babies grab their feet, the legs are quite fragile and need additional strengthening. If you don’t do this, in the future, there may be problems with delaying the period of baby grabbing and walking. Accordingly, you need to do some warm-up exercises and start using the sliders.


Now, by about 10 months, the baby will already be trying to get up. Here, you need to help the child push himself off the ground. Walkers will be an excellent assistant. In the beginning, you need to always be near or give the child support that he can hold on to with his hands. Then the child will get used to it and will be able to move around without additional help. Otherwise, baby curling toes will last too long, which isn’t good for overall development.

Walkers and Toddlers

During this period, the child begins to develop as quickly as possible and takes big steps towards the ability to walk. And having already passed the most difficult, by the age of 9-17 months, the child will be able to walk calmly without any auxiliary items. It is clear that walking will be still uncertain, but this will change with all seriousness. Of course, this is subject to constant training and practice.

Why Do Babies Slap Their Legs Down?

Why Do Babies Slap Their Legs Down?

Above we covered the grasping baby aspect a bit. It is normal for the child to be constantly playing with his legs, twisting them, and so on. This is because they begin to know their body and don’t yet know what legs are for. In addition, baby reaching out occurs when the legs aren’t yet well-formed and the baby is physically unable to lift its own weight. Since there aren’t enough muscles in the legs, and the bones also haven’t yet become strong for walking, baby grabbing feet from sitting, crawling, and using various sliders.

If during baby grabs you don’t pay special attention to this, the baby may have such problems as:

  • Clubfoot or curvature of the feet, which can occur in anyone, but over time, with regular correct walking, this will disappear;
  • The adductor metatarsal bone, when the forefoot, is rounded and looks inward, which will adversely affect the straightening of the foot and gait in the future;
  • The talus in the shape of an arc (similar to the legs of a rocking chair), or a special form of flat feet, can generally slow down the development of a child’s walking for a long time if this problem isn’t treated;
  • Malrotation or twisted appearance of the toes, which means constant tension of the legs, but over time this problem will disappear on its own (in more than 50% of cases, this will need to be facilitated).

We think you were interested to know why do babies curl their toes and other details of the development of small legs. We recommend that you do some exercise on a regular basis from infancy, when do babies discover their feet. This will be a must-have step towards building strong baby legs in the future. Create your child healthy!

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