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When do babies’ eyes change color?

when do babies eyes change color

Once when I was a child my mother told me that when I was born I had purple eyes. I was very surprised and ran to see if it was true. But in the mirror, two gray-blue eyes were looking at me. And I was very surprised by the fact that babies’ eyes changing color. It was a kind of magic outside of Hogwarts.

We’re sure that every one of you at least once asked your parents if your eyes were always like this.

Let’s talk about a newborn baby eyes color

Generally just so you understand, you shouldn’t be used to babies’ eye color when born. Almost all babies have the same color or shade of eyes, regardless of whether mom and dad’s eyes are brown or different. Only after a certain period of time do they take on their true color.

The color of a newborn’s eyes looks like a mixture of gray and blue with a slight cloudy hue, which is an answer to the common question, “Do all babies have blue eyes at birth?” This range of colors can vary in brightness from light to dark.

Does the babies’ eye color change?

does babies eye color change

Of course, melanin is the main ingredient that tints babies’ eyes (the pigment that is responsible for coloring).

A newborn’s eyes are most often cloudy and it is due to the lack of this very melanin. It begins to be synthesized and produced in a child’s body in the first years of life. As a consequence, the iris color begins to change and the eyes will take on a new hue.

How long do babies have blue eyes?

Many people believe that newborn babies are all born with blue eyes. But in fact, it can very often change and not be the same color.

If you have relatives who do not visit you and your baby very often, they may notice that your baby’s eyes have changed shade. Last time they saw him with blue-green eyes, and now he looks at them sky-blue.

Also, you shouldn’t expect your brown-eyed baby to have light blue eyes. Again, this is the effect of melanin; anyone’s eyes will simply become darker than they were at birth.

But a more interesting phenomenon can be seen when a baby is born with blue eyes. Then there is a chance that the color of the eyes will change to brown over time. And the brown color, in turn, also has many shades. Some people have amber eyes or eyes like buckwheat honey, and then there are incredibly dark and black eyes that are hard to see. This is because the dark color of the iris merges with the pupil.

When do babies’ eyes change color?

newborn baby eyes color

So, what conclusion can be drawn? Those babies who are born with dark (brown) eyes have more melanin pigment, which colors their eyes. And blue-eyed and gray-eyed babies have less of it.

The concentration or a certain level of melanin is in the genes and is determined from birth, so there is no way to influence it.

When do babies’ eyes stop changing?

We can’t say for sure when the baby’s eye color finalizes. It always happens differently.

There are cases where the final shade of a baby’s eyes is already formed before the age of 1 year. But more often, this process of color formation ends by the age of 3 or 4.

A clearer prognosis may be given to parents whose baby has brown eyes. In this case, they may observe the final color of the baby’s eyes by 3 months after birth.

Some more interesting facts

babies eyes changing color

The color of children’s eyes can change not only after a certain time but also under the influence of other factors, for example:

  • You may notice how the hue and clarity of a newborn’s eyes change when he or she cries. At such times they become clearer and the iris takes on a greenish hue.
  • When your baby is calm, his eyes are often bluer in color.
  • Feelings of hunger can also be reflected in the color of your baby’s eyes. They may become darker than usual.
  • If your baby is tired and ready to drift off to sleep, the color of his eyes may become cloudier than usual.
  • It is only by the age of one year that babies start to see as well as adults. All the rest of the time they only see colored spots (up to three months, babies see everything as in a fog).

After six months, they can distinguish figures. And only by one year, the body of a boy or girl can accumulate a certain amount of melanin, which stabilizes vision.

When does your baby’s eye color change? Observe all the changes, because it is so interesting. Also, if you see that one eye has different shades (or it has happened recently) then you should consult a pediatric ophthalmologist.

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