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When do babies eat solid food?

when do babies eat solid food

The biggest mistake that mothers of newborns can make is listening to the advice of other mothers. Can you imagine how a woman with a 3-month-old baby reacts when she finds out that her neighbor (who has a son of the same age) is already eating porridge and vegetable puree? It is panic, comparison, and worrying that her child is not developing properly.

All pediatricians speak as loud that you should not focus on the indicators of completely someone else’s child, even if they were born on the same day and at the same time. Indicators of physiological development cannot be identical in all babies.

As you have already guessed today, we will answer in detail the question of when can babies eat solid food and what products are included in this first bait.

At what age babies eat solid food?

what age babies eat solid food

Initially, the mother’s milk has all the substances and elements that are necessary for the normal development and growth of the child’s body. And the baby has developed only a sucking reflex, and its jaw apparatus is not ready to receive solid pieces.

The term “solid food” doesn’t mean that a 7-month-old baby should bite carrots or chew a solid apple. Mother’s milk or artificial mixtures are gradually supplemented by vegetable or fruit puree, porridges that have denser dietary fibers.

When do babies start to eat solid food – what is the minimum age?

when can a baby eat solid food

Very often pediatricians hear the following question – when does a baby first eat solid food? According to most people, the age of your child should be at least 4-6 months. The physiology of a child of this age works in such a way that when a baby first eats solid food, the body triggers a protective reflex and all the organs try to get rid of the pieces by pushing them back. In addition, there is a risk of being choked by solid pieces of food, because the respiratory muscles of a small baby are poorly developed yet. In other words, if the piece of food is too big and gets stuck in the oropharynx, the child will not have enough air power to spit it out.

Why exactly 4-6 months is the period when can a baby eat solid food? Because all children develop differently. And even if your child after 6 months has no teeth, you can cook or buy such purees/ porridges that a child can chew with the help of gums. To do this, you just need to boil the vegetables very well.

At what age can babies eat solid food – when is it too late?

what month baby can eat solid food

The answer is one – no later than 7-10 months. After this age, mothers come to the doctor with complaints that their child refuses to eat more solid food, spits everything back on the plate, and is hysterical. This is all because it gets used to the homogeneous structure of food and the presence of lumps or hard pieces causes discomfort and backflow. You may have problems with a further injection of heterogeneous food.

In addition, at this age (up to 10 months) the child develops reflexes that are associated with chewing food. Therefore, if you miss the moment when do babies start eating solid food (6-10 months), you avoid situations when a child may choke but also miss the moment when he should be able to chew.

Chewing is a very important process that a child under 2-3 years of age should be able to assimilate accurately. If at this age it refuses or doesn’t know how to chew, then there is one proven way. You should wait until the child becomes very hungry, and it will ask you for the food itself. A hungry child will eat everything you offer.

How do you teach your child to chew? It’s all very simple. Even in this process, the example of adults is very important, so sit the child together with all family members at the table and demonstrate how your jaw works in time to chew food.

Now we know when do babies eat solid food but there is another important question – what solid food should babies eat first?

Divide all foods into different periods which show at what age babies eat solid food

  • 4 months is the age at which a child can taste the liquid puree from fruits and vegetables (but only that children who eat artificial mixtures);
  • 6 months is the ideal age to try the thicker puree with soft nutritional fibers (we are talking about breastfed children);
  • at 9-10 months, you should give your children food with hard pieces regardless of the type of feeding.

A short summary about what month the baby can eat solid food

  • The main rule is to give your child to try solid food until the age of 10 months, after 10 months it is too late, you may have problems.
  • 4-6 months is the period when babies start eating solid food. If the child is breastfed, it is after 6 months.

But it is best to consult with your pediatrician. No one but it will not be able to assess the possibilities and appetite of a young child. And don’t forget the rules that must be followed when chewing food to avoid the sad consequences.

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