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When can you feel the baby move?

baby movement

Everything is exciting about pregnancy. And of course, the expectant mother is waiting for the arrival of her baby but even more exciting are the first fetal movements.

Every woman is ready to burst into tears of happiness when she understands that a new life inside her is breaking through in the form of first baby kicks. And these baby movements are remembered for life, although by the end of the pregnancy they do not seem so cute and safe.

But a mother will put up with anything, even if the little one has pressed all of mom’s organs against her lungs.

And so, today we’re going to talk more broadly about this trembling and important topic. We’re going to find out when can you feel the baby move and what are these baby movements during pregnancy?

How early can you feel the baby move?

Does every mom start to terrorize her doctor about when she will finally start to feel the baby’s movement inside her belly?

After all, it’s like signaling and understanding that the baby is growing, developing, and showing signs of “Mom, I’m here! Soon I’ll be able to hold your hand!” And nothing warms the heart more than knowing that the baby is trying to make himself known.

So, at how many weeks can you feel your baby kick?

fetal movement

It turns out that the baby starts making his first movements as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy. Mom is unlikely to feel anything at this stage because the fetus is still very tiny.

And even at 10 weeks in your mother’s womb, the baby can change its position and touch the inner walls of the uterus.

The magic of early fetal movement

Doctors and experts in the field of embryology say that you may not feel your baby’s movements just because you do not have a high level of sensitivity.

So, some women can recognize a baby’s signals as early as 14 weeks of pregnancy, and others only at 24 weeks. And there is nothing wrong.

There is one cunning and proven method that can make your little “partisan” give signs of life.

You will need a glass of warm milk, the evening and a bed for this special operation.

When you drink milk, lie down on your back for half an hour to an hour. Babies do not like this position, so they will try to hint to you to change position.

But also you may not feel anything, because the movements will not be so vivid and awake.

What does baby movement feel like?

when can you feel baby move

Many moms assure you that you cannot confuse the baby’s movements with anything else and immediately know that they are (hands or feet of your baby).

The most distinct and clear “beats” a woman feels already on more serious terms – 6 or 7 months of pregnancy. In addition, you have a chance not only to feel but also to see with your own eyes these sweet palms or heels (on the Internet you can see many videos where women witness these tender moments).

Plus, you will notice not only the movements inside your belly but also how your belly “walks” from side to side. This is how strong the vibrations are created by the baby’s movements inside the mother.

There are a few more nuances that relate to fetal movement

  • The uterus of women who are not giving birth for the first time (this is their 2nd or 3rd child) becomes more sensitive. Therefore, it is easier for them to feel the baby’s movements even in the earlier stages of pregnancy.
  • Women’s sensitivity also depends on the body constitution of the pregnant woman. It is easier for thin women to notice the baby’s bumps and kicks than for those ladies who have extra pounds.
  • A long “fetal freeze” is also a very important point that should not be overlooked.If you do not feel any even the slightest movement, it can be life-threatening for the baby and talk about a specific process.
  • Listen to the frequency of the baby’s movements. It should signal at least 10-15 times an hour from week 24 onwards.
  • When a woman is 32 weeks pregnant, the baby can make at least 600 signals per day. The movements may vary in intensity depending on the time of day, mom’s mood and diet.
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