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What Age Do Children Go to Nursery: Some Recommendations on This Matter

nursery age

When the child has already grown up, the mother is looking for ways to develop him well, the child isn’t bored, and he can communicate with peers. But usually, not all mothers manage to do all this on their own if a woman is soon to leave maternity leave. In this case, the child can be sent to a kindergarten, where everyone can provide and teach him a lot. Here comes a new problem – when can my child start nursery? This is a difficult question.

Some experts believe that the ideal age is 2-4 years, but the child may not always fall into this range. Perhaps the child hasn’t yet passed the stage of primary development (the ability to stand and walk confidently, the development of speech, the ability to do something on his own without the help of his mother). That is why it is difficult to say what age do children go to nursery school. But we can still help you! We have identified several factors that will exactly influence the best age to start nursery for your baby.

Best Age to Send a Child to Nursery: What Should You Pay Attention To?

nursery ages

Now we will consider several very important factors that will make you envious of what age should a child go to nursery. All of this is naturally individual, so it will be difficult to give a suitable example. Therefore, we will explain everything as it is.


It is very important that the child can do without the mother. He will have to stay in the kindergarten for at least a few hours with practical strangers. The mental state and development of your baby should already be good so that the child, seeing that mom or dad isn’t around, does not fall into hysterics. If you notice that this is happening even when you go to the next room, then the child isn’t ready yet. And if you can leave him to play in another room and not worry that he may start crying because of separation from you, this will be the best nursery starting age.


You must be sure that the child can feel confident in the environment of many unfamiliar children, as well as adult educators. The child should already communicate, play and talk with children in his group in a way that doesn’t cause him discomfort. In this case, the optimal values ​​for nursery ages will be no earlier than 3 years. If such an ability has developed in a child earlier, you can safely send him to kindergarten. If you see that even surrounded by familiar people and in your presence, the child begins to cry or get nervous, then you should wait a little longer.


Your child should already be able to sit on the pot on their own, eat carefully with a spoon and fork, wash their face, brush their teeth, and go to bed. A plus will be, if he already knows how to clean up after himself, this will probably be an excellent example for other children in the kindergarten. It can be difficult for many children to learn this, but if you make it a habit, all these things won’t give him unnecessary discomfort. Usually, such skills in a child can appear by 3.5-4 years. So, this will be the optimal nursery age. And of course, if the child has learned all this before, you can prepare him for new interesting adventures and days in kindergarten.
We believe that the average nursery school age will be around 2-4 years old, as the experts say. It is at this age that the child begins to learn about the world, communicate with other people, and, in principle, the child becomes more active. It is at this age that it will be best and comfortable for him to be already without a mother in kindergarten with other children. We are also confident that thanks to our information, you will be able to independently determine when will my child start nursery. Good luck!

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