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What to do if a child takes away other kid’s toys?

Parents Tips
kids and their toys

The child learns to interact in society for up to three years. He does not understand behavior norms and rules and does not clearly distinguish where his things are and where things of other kids are. He just cannot understand by himself that taking someone else’s toy is wrong.

Kids are very interested in other children’s toys. The child tries to take it away from a neighbor even if he/she has a similar car or doll at home. Sometimes the reason for such behavior is the lack of his/her own toys parents take outside.

Some parents do not interfere in children’s conflicts on the playground but it is wrong. The child must learn not to take away toys using force but to negotiate. Who will teach him/her if he can’t and his/her neighbor can’t? Parents should. Show the child an example of how to ask for a toy, how to change your toys with other children.

Talk about the rules of behavior when you are outside. Emphasize that toys should not be taken away – it’s not good. If a child snatched a toy from another child – don’t take it away using force and don’t punish a kid. Do not shout – just ask to give someone else’s stuff. If your child continues to hold it in his hands, then calmly take it and give it to the owner. Your baby will be upset and will begin to cry, give him a hug and remind him that taking someone else’s toys is not good.

Your baby may hear a rejection when we will ask someone for a toy. Your task now is to help your baby to stand through the disorder and to teach him to accept rejection.

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