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Vending machine at school: do pupils really need them?

do pupils really need Vending machine

Child nutrition is the same as child health. Therefore, the issue of correct and balanced nutrition is an important point for the mother of every pupil.

How does the younger generation replenish energy reserves during schoolwork?

The first option is school canteens where children can eat a complex lunch of meat, side dishes, casseroles, buns, tea, or cocoa. Also, many parents prefer to cook various lunch boxes for their children at school. Thus, they are sure that their child eats the right and healthy food and it won’t be hungry during the school day. But even in this case, you must carefully select the products that you want to give your child (so they don’t go bad).

Vending machines in schools

Vending machines in schools

Vending machines are the same “Trojan horse” in the school building that bugs parents, nutritionists, and pediatricians.

They have a wide range of services, it can be drinks/snacks and school supply vending machines or just vending machines that sell hot drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa) or soda machines. Elementary school kids and teenagers love them. It’s better just to press a button and get your favorite bar than to go to the gloomy table and eat porridge with smelly fish. Such machines with school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks) are in demand, too. After all, pupils often lose, break, or forget their school materials.

How much money do schools make from vending machines?

All adults are convinced that this is just another way to siphon money from them. Producers understand child psychology: the child always wants to buy something delicious, sweet, and eat it. That’s why they rarely worry about the cost of goods because it’s the money from their parents.

Vending machine profit statistics

Many people are interested in how much the owners of vending machines earn. It all depends on the country, location, and group of goods. The advantage is that the owner doesn’t need to pay salaries to service personnel, to deal with the fire department or sanitary-epidemiological stations. And besides, such an apparatus occupies a small space. The average annual turnover from vending can be from $ 100, 000, 000, and up to 50 billion dollars (as in Japan).

Should vending machines be allowed in schools?

Should vending machines be allowed in schools?

This is a controversial issue today. We will name a few reasons why snack and drink vending machines exist in the school. Firstly, some schools have very short breaks and the usual canteens don’t have time to feed all the students.

Secondly, the cafeterias or buffets usually work during the daytime / first shift and then close. Don’t forget about extra-curricular work in various clubs, and electives. Vending machines are a great solution in such cases.

Time doesn’t stand still, many companies offer various applications with which parents can control children’s purchases in the vending machines. As a parent, you can press a button on your smartphone to determine the range of things or products that your child can buy. For the rest of the junk food (bars, gum, chips) you can simply remain on the blocked list.

Briefly about what you can do considering all pros and cons of vending machines in school:

  • You don’t have to refuse from vending machines completely. It is better to make a deal with the company according to which vending machines can be controlled via the program in a mobile device. Then parents can make a list of products that a child can buy and eat.
  • The whole team (school administration, teachers, and parents) should think about healthy vending machine snacks in schools(snacks, vegetables, fruits, yogurts, and healthy bars without sugar, nuts, and dried fruits, cookies). The whole list should be prepared in each school individually. Also, you can think about children with diabetes or other health problems.
  • Everyone is concerned about how much this business earns and where the money is going. A reasonable solution is to use the share of the rent for school improvement or to organize different events outside the school.
How much money do schools make from vending machines?

If we weigh all the pros of having vending machines in schools, we can turn the main enemy into a best friend.

Furthermore, parents should not forget the importance of the first meal before school. If a child doesn’t want to have breakfast (it often happens), there is no need to force a kid to eat. Try to wake up at least half an hour early. A good way to awaken the body and appetite is to drink half a glass of water on an empty stomach and to do morning exercises.

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