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UNICEF Director: “Put the kids back in school!”

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If you listen close, you can hear some mothers still crying and complaining that distance learning is some kind of Hell! Let’s hear what UNICEF head Henrietta Faroe thinks about it.

Assessing the effects of school closures

It’s not hard to guess that distance learning has caught a lot of families around the world at a bad time and it’s been hard to show anything against it because the pandemic is unyielding.

Some of the children are wallowing in the boredom of modern skyscrapers, while others are suffering at the hands of rapists and sexual slavery.

As Henrietta Fore stated, we must make every effort to get children back to school. And that is the priority because the consequences of distance learning will continue to unfold for a long time to come.

Facts-Impacts from which there is no escape

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Stones of hate keep flying in the direction of distance learning and this is what we have today:

  • half of the children still have no distance learning opportunities (according to UNICEF, more than 1.3 billion children do not have access to the Internet);
  • schools are not the source and the force that strengthens the spread of the coronavirus in society;
  • children are not developing important writing, reading, and math skills that are so necessary for success in a 21st-century economy;
  • school-age children have become even more limited in activity, peer, and adult interactions;
  • children are increasingly showing early signs of mental illness.

What to do next?

back to school

And this is not the whole list of problems that concern different areas of children’s development, both physical and psychological, it is obvious. To say nothing of those cases where children’s lives are threatened, the lack of Internet connectivity does not seem to be such a big problem.

Closing schools is a last resort or a weapon to be put into action to defeat the coronavirus. According to Henrietta Fore, if the authorities decide to close schools, then before doing so at the national level, the local authorities must assess the local level of spread.

If a country or a city begins to ease restrictions, it should begin with the opening of schools.

A poor prognosis can be expected for the entire educational system if this mode of education continues for another year. We’ll keep you posted!

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