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Tips for getting pregnant fast

getting pregnant

Many women on the planet are interested in the answer to the cherished question “What is the best way to get pregnant fast?” Why are women in a hurry to get pregnant and what can affect the speed of fertilization?

In 2017, a study was conducted as part of the project “Think with Google” which showed how pregnant women (or those women who are trying to get pregnant) are interested in their new or future position.

45 million is the number of requests that were Googled on the topic of pregnancy. And 8.1 million of the total numbers were devoted to how to get pregnant fast. And these requests were seasonal. This means that information on how to get pregnant fast and easy interested women the most from January to March. And vice versa, the interest was in decline with the advent of April and until early autumn.

One can imagine how many requests about how to increase the chances of pregnancy by 2020 have increased. Women asked Google about all possible attempts to get pregnant, ovulation calendars, IVF (in vitro fertilization), how to find out that you are pregnant before the pregnancy test, etc.

We were interested in the question of what a couple should do who wants to become parents in the nearest future. And we have prepared tips for getting pregnant fast for all who are interested in this topic. But all the devices are intended only for absolutely healthy women and men.

How to increase the chances of getting pregnant?

best way to get pregnant fast

How to get pregnant fast naturally?

Use the Ovulation Calendar. It is correct to count the ovulation day when the egg is ready for fertilization. Modern technology provides many opportunities to determine the period of ovulation to increase the chances of getting pregnant. You can buy a test that will show the right period for conception (this test is sold in pharmacies). If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you can use mobile apps that will notify you about “Day X”.

Also, if you have a good menstrual cycle, you can calculate your ovulation period yourself (it all depends on the length of your menstrual cycle). If you take the average length of your cycle (28 days), the desired day is about 14-15 days of the cycle. This doesn’t require any special mathematical skills.

How can I get pregnant faster?

Test yourself! Examine your body before planning a pregnancy. This is important not only to control your general health. Special attention should be paid to chronic diseases and dangerous infections (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, TORCH-infections) that can harm the normal course of pregnancy.

This recommendation applies not only to women but also to men to exclude all inflammatory processes and diseases at the time of conception.

Normal body mass index and regular exercise are your best tips to get pregnant.

You should forget about exhausting diets and bring your body back to normal if your excess weight goes beyond the limits of the ideal body mass index. As statistics show, in women whose body condition is close to obesity, the risk of not being able to bear a healthy child increases. We can also say about women who do not have enough (normal) stock of adipose tissue, which is important for the production of a certain amount of female sex hormones. Keeping track of their weight and establish hormonal background is an easy way to get pregnant.

If you think that everything depends only on the female body and all the problems that arise on the way to getting pregnant fast because of women, it is not so.

The male role is no less important. Because for successful fertilization you need a quality man seed that can withstand the powerful immune resistance of the cervical canal, the acidity of the vagina. Only a strong and healthy sperm can pass such a difficult path to the cherished egg, break through the shell and create a new life. Therefore, the male sex cell must be active and resistant to external circumstances.

Factors that affect the deterioration of sperm quality

what is the fastest way to get pregnant
  • lack of regular physical activity (sedentary lifestyle, overweight);
  • eating smoked, spicy and fatty foods;
  • chronic stress, poor quality and duration of sleep, nervous tension;
  • bad habits;
  • if you are an avid smoker or drink alcohol on a regular basis (more than 3 times a week), then giving up these bad habits is your best way to increase the chances of pregnancy and not only.

Increase the number of sexual contacts

Sexual intercourse should be regular and is your best way to get pregnant fast.

Urologists recommend having sex (unprotected, without a condom) at least 2-3 times a week. This number of sexual contacts increases the number of viable spermatozoa. Also remember that you should not overdo it, if you have sex more often (almost every day), the quality and concentration of male seed activity will decrease.

Don’t be surprised if you cannot get pregnant with rare sexual intercourse. If ejaculation occurs rarely, the sperm condenses and the sperm will be less active in a dense environment. There are many of them, but they are not so active to achieve the goal. It depends on how fast you can get pregnant.

Don’t rush to get up and be active after sexual intercourse – this is another of the best tips to get pregnant. Some experts recommend lying on your stomach after the release of the seed into the vagina of a woman. Because the vaginal muscles of some women actively contract in time for an orgasm. As a result, most of the man seed can flow out. What will remain inside you is not enough for fertilization.

How can you get pregnant fast?

Just don’t torture yourself with this question and don’t get stuck. Scientists have proved that if you suffer, worry about it, and are concerned only about how to get pregnant faster, your body begins to produce a large amount of prolactin (stress hormone), which negatively affects the successful conception of the long-awaited child. Stress and depression are not your allies in such an important event.

Take care of your health long before you want to conceive a child, not only when you decide to do so. This is the best answer to the question “what is the fastest way to get pregnant”.

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