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Three simple steps that will help to choose a profession

when does the kid realize what he wants to do in life?

Think about your interests

Try to recall everything that gave you pleasure – all that you did without selfishness, just for yourself.

For example, you decide to drink some coffee in the morning and you make a cup. Then you think about your parents and make coffee for them too. After all, you decide to prepare breakfast and you make pancakes for the whole family. Maybe you should unite your life with cooking if you like it so much.

Ask your parents what you liked to do the most when you were a child? Why did you enjoy it? Maybe this will give you more information to think about.

Always try something new

Try to find projects for teenagers to get an internship to earn some money and tell them about your experience. Volunteering is a good idea.

You can also try unskilled jobs. Don’t forget about your friends and relatives, they can help you to find a job. Don’t worry if you won’t find a job you like – at least you know for sure what you don’t need.

Also, don’t forget to visit lectures and factory tours.

Choose a profession, not money

Do not choose a profession because of salary and do what you like.

Don’t be afraid that your profession will die out. Someone will need you and there will be a job for a good specialist. The more you give today – the more you will have tomorrow. Money will come just like success if you like your job.

The future belongs to people who can be creative. Today they work in the office, tomorrow they will perform on stage, and later they may start their own startup.

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