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Three documentary films about microbiology you can watch with children

how documentary movies help in education

Viruses, cells, bacteria bacteriophages – we have collected for you several excellent documentaries about microbiology, which will help you to recall school lessons of biology, to learn what else has been discovered, and to begin understanding the micro-world.

Discovery film «Bacteria»

This 2003 documentary shows how microorganisms, the tiniest creatures of nature, from bacteria to viruses have a huge impact on the overall world.

The streptococci, staphylococcus, malaria, influenza, anthrax, and other wonders of the universe are shown in the movie. Stories of real patients are told, infographics, and a brief tour of the history of each disease is given.

«Virus. The invisible killers»

An excellent project of the Discovery Channel: its three series are dedicated to smallpox, influenza, and Ebola. The history of fight and victory over each virus has taught civilization a lot but also took a huge number of people’s lives. There is a history of medicine from the XVII century to the present day, the invention of vaccination, and the future of vaccines.

«Avian flu»

A documentary film tells about the H5N1 virus and the history of avian influenza that has affected chickens, tigers, and humans in 2002-2004 in South-East Asia. The epidemic was expected to be in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, but the virus is not yet transmitted by air. So should we be afraid?

After watching these films your kids will be excited. The plots and ideas are captivating, interesting, and involving. Enjoy it.

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