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Several Things to Do at a Baby Shower besides Games: Try It at Your Party!

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things to do at a baby shower

At the end of the 19th century, the tradition of a baby shower, a party for the future mother and her baby, arose in America and Western Europe. And this is really a real rain of abundance: at such a party, a pregnant woman is surrounded with attention, care, and gifts. The holiday is held at 7-8 months of pregnancy when the woman is still feeling well enough and there is no danger of early birth. Nowadays, a lot of expectant mothers don’t know what crafts for a baby shower can be made. The same thing is always done on many holidays, which will surprise neither guests nor yourself because you will probably want something unusual. Therefore, we want to show you the best things to do at a baby shower without games that will make your holiday special.

Why Have Baby Shower Activities at All?

baby shower activities

Personally, meaningful baby shower ideas are arranged for relatives and friends of the unborn child. This is a good opportunity to express your love, attention, and friendly participation to her, to share the joy of the upcoming event, and to exchange positive experiences. This will help the pregnant woman stay calm and in a good mood until the very birth.

It’s not just about baby shower events ideas, attention, and gifts. Many parents know how important it is to prepare for the arrival of the baby in advance and without haste. Properly chosen gifts can make life much easier in the first weeks after childbirth, giving a woman the opportunity to recover and at the same time provide the baby with everything she needs.

In addition, when the baby is born, he will already have everything he needs. And close people, seeing that their gifts were to the heart of the child and his mother, will feel grateful and more willing to provide the necessary help.

In addition, each guest and the culprits of the holiday will be able to get excellent and unforgettable emotions. Also, if you can organize great things to do at a baby shower besides games, you will surely have a lot of fun and feel the essence of the holiday in full.

The Best Things to Do at a Baby Shower Instead of Games

baby shower crafts

In the classic scenario, a baby shower party is a bachelorette party. It is the name of both experienced, already established mothers with children (they can also be invited), and young women without children. The baby shower is a very personal holiday, so it is best to invite only the closest people, next to whom the pregnant woman will be pleased to celebrate the appearance of her baby. Sometimes men are also invited to the party, but this is only at your request. Understandably, it would be better to call them so that your man doesn’t feel uncomfortable being surrounded by women and children.

The baby shower is arranged by general agreement or secretly when the pregnant woman doesn’t know what holiday she was invited to. Most often, the holiday is held in the house of one of the future mother’s close friends, but if there are many guests, then you can spend it in a restaurant or your own house if you have enough space for this. If you are throwing a surprise for the mom-to-be, take care of all the details, such as the same venue, baby shower craft activities, party table, decorations, and the like.

An invitation to a baby shower is sent no later than 6 weeks before the upcoming birth. This is necessary so that mom is comfortable and doesn’t feel tired throughout the celebration or during creative baby shower activities. The festive room is decorated, a light, festive menu is drawn up, where you can focus more on sweets, gifts, and congratulations are prepared. It is best if the expectant mother herself draws up approximate lists of gifts so that the baby has everything he needs, and at the same time there are no 10 identical suits. But here everything will be difficult because no one knows the sex of the child yet. Accordingly, it is better to tell the guests to choose gifts that are suitable for both the girl and the boy.

During the holiday, guests communicate, give gifts, discuss the upcoming replenishment, surround the pregnant woman with care and attention, and of course participate in things to do at a baby shower. Depending on the organizer’s imagination, the baby shower’s script can also include a photo and video filming. At the end of the holiday, gifts are unpacked so that everyone can admire the cute little things for the baby.

Try to think of at least an approximate party program, especially if there are many invited, so that you can share all the activities for a baby shower in the correct order and so that no one gets tired and everyone is happy. American women traditionally arrange various contests related to the birth of a baby and also prepare something special for their friends. Let’s take a look at the best baby shower activities:

  1. Create a video clip or photo collage from your joint photos with the guests of the holiday. Believe me, everyone will cry: time is running so fast, the life of each of you is changing, but you are still there and experiencing the most important moments together. Surely these baby shower memory ideas won’t leave anyone indifferent.
  2. Few people decide on the name of the child before his birth – arrange mini-elections! Who knows, maybe it is the version of one of the guests that will help future parents name the baby? You will be able to hear or come up with not only names familiar to everyone but also something interesting, in which there will be a mystery or an association with something. Perhaps in your life, there is that person whose name you would shine on a child. This baby shower craft activity will surely be useful if you haven’t made a final decision yet. And of course, if you are still not sure, you don’t need to name the child exactly as you chose there.
  3. Guess the baby! We are sure that this one of all things to do at a baby shower can become the most unusual and interesting. Have each guest bring a photo of her as an infant or early child to the party. Photos are hung on the board, and the guests guess who is depicted on them. It is also a great way for guests to get to know each other. So it is better to arrange this at the very beginning of the celebration so that the microclimate between the guests is precisely adjusted.
  4. Daddy’s nose, mom’s eyes! Take photographs of the future parents, carefully cut into strips and try to make a “composite” of the future baby. Agree, it is always interesting to guess who the unborn person will look like! So if you’ve been looking for similar baby shower craft ideas to give your baby a rough look, then this is the best fit. Sure, this will be partly a joke, but you can have a lot of fun.
  5. Rest for mom. This is one of the best baby shower activity ideas for a close circle of friends and relatives. For the closest circle of guests, cards are prepared with inscriptions of what kind of help they can provide after the birth of the baby: cook dinner, take a walk with the child, send the mother to the hairdresser and look after the baby at this time, bring food, and sweep the apartment. The guests draw out these cards and take on the obligations written there. Such help will be an invaluable gift for a mother after childbirth.
  6. Time capsule. Guests write their wishes for the baby on a colored sheet of paper and, together with a small souvenir, put them in a box, which is then sealed. This is done by each guest, and it doesn’t matter if their wishes are repeated among themselves. When the baby turns 3 years old, they take out this box and read out to the birthday boy all those kind words that they wanted him even before he was born. You can show it without any problems in a few years because it will really be pleasant not only for the child but also for his parents. In addition, you can put photos, video cassettes or any other details from that day in this box, so it will be even more pleasant for you to remember everything.

It is worth noting that you don’t need to overdo it with games and baby shower activities, not games so that the holiday doesn’t tire the expectant mother or other guests in position.

We are sure that our baby shower activity ideas, not games, could interest you because they are really cool and interesting. If you are planning to do a holiday for several hours, you can use each of the proposed options. If not, we advise you to choose the exact time capsule, since such fun things to do at a baby shower can give you a lot of positive emotions and good memories for you and your guests for a lifetime. Also, don’t be afraid to tailor these baby shower crafts to your theme, or add something extra cool to them. Show your imagination to the fullest. Good luck!

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