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Teething Biscuit Recipes – How To Help Your Child To Cut Their Teeth Faster?

teething cookies for babies

Agree, every parent faces problems when their child’s teeth begin to cut. The baby has constant discomfort, pain, and anxiety. You may also feel negative effects during this period. Therefore, everyone is trying to find some way to get through this stage as quickly as possible. We want to show you baby teething cookies that do their job just fine.

There are a lot of such products on the shelves with children’s goods, but no one can be sure of their quality, so in any case, it is better to look for home-made teething biscuits recipes and make them yourself. It doesn’t take much time, but the result will pleasantly surprise you! So today you can find out about one of the best and most delicious teething cookies recipes that will help your child get rid of the unpleasant sensations in the mouth. In addition, we can tell you how teething cookies for babies help and how they are generally useful. So let’s start with that!

Baby Teething Biscuits

Baby Teething Biscuits

The usual teething crackers for babies you can find in the store don’t have the best quality ingredients. Also, they often contain things like cow’s milk, sugar, artifical sweeteners, and trans fats.. In infancy, allergic reactions to a variety of foods, as well as lactose and gluten intolerance, can develop faster. Accordingly, this teething biscuits for babies option isn’t for everyone. And the really be useful options for the child will, of course, cost an order of magnitude higher. But even so, no one can say for sure what is actually added to this product. That is why we tend to cook homemade baby teething rusks. This way, you will definitely be sure of the quality and safety of these cookies for your child. On top of that, you can make it so delicious that you no longer want to buy any other cookies for your whole family.

Baby Biscuit Recipe

Baby Biscuit Recipe

And so, let’s start cooking homemade baby teething biscuits. All processes will take you a maximum of 35 minutes, so in any case, you will find this time at your place and make something very tasty. First, we need to take from the products:

  • Oatmeal – 2 cups;
  • Medium ripe banana;
  • Coconut or vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons;
  • Vanilla, cinnamon, or honey (if the banana isn’t too sweet) in small amounts, if desired.

At the very beginning, you should preheat the oven to 350 degrees. During the time we are preparing the dough for the baby biscuit’s recipe, the oven will just have time to warm up well. Now grind the oatmeal to a powder. If you have oat flour, just use it. Now add butter and chopped banana to the dry mixture, as well as any other flavoring you wish to add, like vanilla or cinnamon. it is better to start with a small amount of flavoring, try the result, and adjust it next time you make the recipe.. Stir everything until the dough is smooth. If the dough is too sticky or too liquid, add flour, and if it is too dry, add butter.

Now make balls of any convenient size and flatten them into a cookie shape. You can also cut out the figures, but be careful not to have any sharp edges. Take everything out on a baking sheet covered with parchment and send it to bake. 10-15 minutes will be enough. If you see that the middle or the top isn’t done yet, gently turn them over and bake a little longer. When the cookies are ready, take them out of the oven and let them cool down. Store in a dry, sealed container.

You can try different variations on this recipe. For example, instead of banana, try puree from apple, peach, or apricot. You can also add other grains to your oatmeal, such as millet, corn, or something similar. If your child’s teeth are beginning to appear, thenover time you can add dried fruits in the form of raisins, dried apricots, and the like. Keep in mind that they are sweet enough, so it would be important to control the number of other sweeteners you use.
The recipe for homemade teething biscuits using baby cereal is quite simple and you can make it easily at home. Perhaps you even want to make these cookies for as a delicious snack for yourself. We recommend starting to make them when your child is around 3-4 months of age because it is at this time that teeth begin to erupt. Give in small portions and make sure your child doesn’t choke on it. Soon you will be able to see great results and a happy smile for your baby!

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