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Technologies in our life: 10 “brilliant” gadgets that make moms’ routine easier

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Newborn in the house is always a holiday and great happiness for parents. But very often the festive atmosphere is overshadowed by home routine and bad health. Some actions are not convenient, and others are completely impossible or not available.

We agree that mothers 5-10 years ago bypassed without all the extra. But the time of technology offers us attractive opportunities that are not only practical but save time, effort, and energy.

We’re starting to review gadgets that deserve special attention.

Bathing slide for children Angelcare

What’s the big idea – user-friendliness, and simplicity of use. You take the water in the bathroom, you put the tub in, and that’s it. It has an orthopedic back, the baby comfortably “flows” into all the physiological dimples, but doesn’t slide (the coating is made of hypoallergenic silicone). It makes so that the head remains elevated and the body is submerged in water. That’s brilliant!

After bathing, there is no need to pour water: let the water down, pull out the slide (it is compact and light), hung by the loop on the wall.

Usually, it is used for up to 8 months until the child starts sitting confidently. Usual baths are enough for a maximum of three months. This is definitely a good purchase.

Mom’s backpack bag Tarde (Forest)

Wet and dry wipes, antiseptic, diapers, water, food, toys, change clothes. All of this is vital for the daily walk with the child. Will the shopper bear it? Maybe, but mom’s back is not!

The first reason it’s pockets. A thermal bottle pocket, a wet pocket, an easy access pocket for wet wipes, and five more inside.

The second is the possibility of attaching it to the handle of the pram.

The third reason is the rear zipper, which allows you to get things out of the bottom without turning everything upside down, and the main zipper, which opens the backpack completely, making it easy to access all things.

The fourth reason is the roominess: in addition to children’s things, you can easily fit a MacBook backpack, book, cosmetic bag, and even a sweatshirt. And that means that it helps on day trips with the child or long as hand luggage.

The fifth reason is that he is waterproof and mud-repellent, you can walk both in rain and snow and have a picnic on the sandy beach in summer.

Digital nanny cam SCD620, Philips Avent

Choosing between a baby radio and nanny cam, make up your mind immediately on the device with the camera. This is much more convenient! It’s mega-invention.

You can go to the other room and not guard the baby’s sleep. At the slightest movement of the baby (crying) all can be heard and seen (the device has a night vision system).

You can press the button on the gadget and speak into the microphone – the baby hears you. That is, you can say “shh” and start to lull him, even without running to the crib.

And there are five lullabies built into the baby monitor, which can be switched on at any time.

Please note that Philips Avent is not synchronized with the Android and IOS systems.

Cocoon “Red Castle”

This is a unique development of French doctors, neonatologists and a physiotherapist, which creates a safe and comfortable environment for the sleep of a newborn. The shape of the mattress allows the baby to be in a grouped “intrauterine” posture, which calms him. The inner cover and the retention belt can be washed in a typewriter.

The ergonomic mattress is easy to carry around the house – the baby is guaranteed to stay awake and you don’t have to check the baby monitor and listen to the rustles. You won’t have to worry when you put your baby in bed with you. The cocoon is perfect for visiting (don’t have to worry about sleeping and bedding for your baby).

Manufacturers recommend using it up to 3-4 months when the baby starts to roll over.

Sling “Baby K’tan”

If it is important for you to feel inner and outer freedom while being immersed in motherhood, here are our strong recommendations – sling is not for those moms who take “the whole house” for a walk. So apart from the sling, you’ll need a small (but spacious) cross-body bag with the most important things.

Car seat-stroller “Doona”

It’s a small compact stroller with a fixed base that folds into a car seat at the push of a button with one hand. Super lightweight, maneuverable – unless there’s a suspension, but if you’re careful, you can do without it. You can use it for 8-9 months.

A separate (and very important) detail – that a child in Doona can be taken out of a taxi, without the help of anyone, carefully spread the wheels, and he will not wake up. If you don’t intend to sit at home and you don’t have your car, this option is ideal.

Steamer-blender Babycook Solo

First of all, it’s very compact electronics for mom (perfect for a small kitchen).

Secondly, it shreds, chops, cooks and heats, which means it doesn’t require any appliances! It’s also very easy to wash, it’s almost the most important of all these items.

Babycook Solo light, easy to operate. For you, it’s been a real help since the supplementary food started.

Bottle steam sterilizer

This is an indispensable thing for the mom. In just 10 minutes the device will sterilize 100% of the 6-bottles and accessories for your baby at the same time.

All you have to do when using this device – pour water into a special tank, plug the device into the network and press the “start”: after a little while, the steam sterilizer will switch off.

Air humidifier for children

This important device shouldn’t be underestimated: a silent and safe humidifier will help to create the necessary humidity in the room, protecting its delicate skin from drying out and reducing the risk of respiratory diseases.

A self-heating bottle

No electricity and no batteries. This bottle works with special cartridges, which, however, must be purchased separately. But in a few minutes in camping conditions, it will heat milk to 37 ℃ and keep it warm for another half hour.

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