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Sport for children – recommendations of specialists


Motor activity is very important for the child’s harmonious development. Not always children are initially attracted to sports and physical education, so the task of parents is to motivate and to direct timely their activity in the right direction.

The physical development of the child should begin since his/her birth. The mother should maintain the baby’s activity with simple exercises as soon as he/she wakes up.

A child should be taught to start every day with simple exercises when he is about 3 years old. Muscles and ligaments of 3-year-old kids are particularly elastic, so during this period, it is useful to practice light stretching and to repeat a set of exercises 2 times a day.

sport for children

For 4-6-year-old children, trainers recommend exercises that form the arch of the foot and prevent flat feet. Running, jumping, and walking barefoot on the grass and small stones are very useful in this case. You can give your baby a task to pick up small objects from the floor with his/her toes to develop feet. During this period a child also needs exercises to develop flexibility and balance, for example, deep squats and stretching elements.

At the age of 6 to 10 years children should actively develop fine motor skills. Everyday exercise programs should include exercises for arms, exercises to develop posture, and strengthen muscles. It is mandatory to teach the child to breathe correctly using special breathing techniques.

At the age of 7-8 years, a kid can already choose a certain kind of sport, whether it is swimming, tennis, choreography, and karate, and start training under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Ask about your child’s preferences and give preference to the sport he or she likes.

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