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What Happens if You Eat Spicy Food While Pregnant: Exploring Pregnancy and Spicy

spicy food during pregnancy

The diet of every expectant mother is very important because what she eats would be received by her child. But what if you want hot sauce or other spicy food during pregnancy? Do you need to give up spicy foods, or can you still satisfy your need for them? Today we will discuss the topic of pregnancy and spicy food so that every mother can understand what she can eat.

Why Do You Crave Spicy Foods During Pregnancy?

is it ok to eat spicy food while pregnant

Experts have identified several reasons why women still want to eat spicy food while pregnant. The main ones include:

  • hormonal changes (significant fluctuations in hormone levels also affect food tastes and preferences);
  • a decrease in the acidity of gastric juice (the body is trying to compensate for this with substances that enhance gastric secretion);
  • nausea (spicy and sour tastes with toxicosis can slightly alleviate not very pleasant symptoms during pregnancy).

Does Spicy Food Affect the Baby During Pregnancy?

pregnancy and spicy food

Regardless of whether a woman is pregnant or not, her body may experience some reactions while consuming spicy foods:

  • increased salivation;
  • the appearance of the desire is even more;
  • increased feeling of thirst;
  • active activation of gastric secretion;
  • significant activation of intestinal peristalsis.

These things can happen to a pregnant woman in any trimester and this is a normal reaction on the body while taking an acute one. In addition, during pregnancy, the reaction to acute can be with other symptoms. For example, morning sickness can make any food, including spicy food, completely tasteless, and regardless of the time, heartburn or indigestion may appear.

But still, what does spicy food do to your baby? According to many doctors, as well as nutritionist Jennifer Haynes from Texas, such unusual food won’t harm the health and development of your baby. In addition, some spicy foods can even be healthy. Here’s what happens if you eat spicy food while pregnant: foods can improve mood, have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, and improve digestion. This would be observed if eaten in moderation.

Is It OK To Eat Spicy Food While Pregnant?

hot sauce during pregnancy

We’ve shown you why there is such a thirst for spicy food, and how it can affect you. So let’s make a small conclusion about are allowed to eat spicy food while pregnant. Considering that this won’t affect your health in any way, and even more so on the child, then you can safely consume such food in any of the trimesters. Just don’t eat too much or eat these foods all the time so that you don’t feel discomfort afterward. It is best if you additionally eat something light that can “dilute” the entire pungency of the dish. Nevertheless, if you have any problems with the body, then you may have contraindications for taking savory dishes.

When Can You Not Eat Hot Stuff While Pregnant?

is spicy food safe during pregnancy

Of course, there are some indicators at which the answer to are spicy foods bad for pregnancy would be positive.

  • Gastritis, ulcers, frequent heartburn. Considering that spices and piquant dishes can increase gastric secretion and can cause exacerbation of these diseases.
  • Disruption of the gallbladder. Doctors in no way strongly recommend eating spicy foods if you have kidney stones or cholecystitis.
  • Cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis. Since a slight burning sensation may appear during urination after taking cold dishes, all these diseases can be felt at times more painful than in the usual manifestation.
  • Active swelling. The more spicy foods you eat, the more you would want to drink water. As a result, edema may appear.
  • Colitis and diseases that are accompanied by diarrhea. Diarrhea can worsen significantly as spicy herbs and foods can irritate the intestinal wall.
  • Increased tone of the uterus in early pregnancy, or the threat of miscarriage. The tone of the uterus may increase even more after eating spicy foods, which isn’t recommended if you don’t want to lose your baby.
  • During vulvitis, you may experience unpleasant sensations during urination after taking an acute one.
  • Hemorrhoids or rectal fissures. The inflammation can get worse if you eat savory foods often enough.
  • The possibility of premature birth. If you use spicy foods at the end of the third trimester, it can cause labor pains and the birth of a baby, possibly even earlier than a certain date for you.
  • In hypertensive patients, pressure may increase and the load on the heart may also increase if you have an excess of fluid due to constant thirst.

Of course, these unpleasant consequences of taking an acute one may not occur if you use such products in very small doses with a long interval. Regardless of whether you have any of the above contraindications, you need to consult with your doctor, who monitors you and knows roughly how your body works. Knowing these features, the doctor would already be able to tell you what you can eat from spicy, and what is better not to use at least during pregnancy. Based on this, you can already make up the best option for yourself, as well as come up with any alternatives with which you could replace piquant spices and products. Now you would know for sure is it spicy food is safe during pregnancy and don’t worry about it. Therefore, don’t deny yourself your favorite spicy dishes and peppers. But it’s clear that you still need to do this wisely, so as not to harm your stomach in the first place. By the way, what’s your favorite spicy food?

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