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Should I have a baby?

Parents Tips
things to know about having a baby

Time doesn’t stand still and young women know the value of it. Youth is a wonderful time to enjoy it endlessly or at least for as long as possible. But there is also the understanding that being a young parent is much better than when you are far away from 30 years.

This question is especially acute for women of the fair sex. After all, the number of the ovum in the female body is determined from birth and this stock is depleted every year. The realization of this thought makes us hurry and frightens with its uncertainty.

And it is not even a matter of being a young and beautiful mother, who is full of strength and energy. As many people say that you will always be able to give birth, besides, several other questions relate to the readiness to be a parent. And ideally, every thinking person should ask itself before this important decision – am I ready for a baby? This is a very easy question for child-free couples who have long ago decided to live their lives only for themselves.

One thing we know for sure is that it is impossible to be ready for the birth of a child completely but you shouldn’t wait for signs from the universe. All the answers to the question “Are we ready for a baby?” lie inside a woman and her husband. You can pass a million tests on the topic “How to decide when to have a baby?” Their results will not give you 100% confidence that tomorrow or in a month will be the same day «X» and your body may not be ready for such a spontaneous decision.

Is having kids worth it?

how to know if you are ready for a baby

If you ask your parents about it, they will say “Of course, honey!” After all, it is such happiness and a lot of other beautiful emotions that they have experienced through your birth. But this question a woman should ask herself and it will be different for each woman.

Should I have children? The most common and strange arguments

am i ready to be a mom
  • “A family cannot exist without children”. But this is a common stereotype. A family can exist without children, especially when a couple is physiologically unable to reproduce offspring due to health problems. The presence of children cannot guarantee the eternity of a marital relationship. However, a woman and a man (in a heterosexual relationship) is the golden standard and the main components of the family in modern society.
  • “Of course, children are the meaning (flowers) of our lives!” If this is the main answer to the question – am I ready to have a baby, then this is a real delusion. Children – this is not a goal and not a means to realize your hopes and dreams. If you are miserable and don’t know what you want in this life, then the birth of a child doesn’t stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for the worldview and search for yourself. So don’t try to drag your child into this self-deception. These are templates that have been fixed and preserved over the years.
  • “All classmates have long since given birth to 2(3) children and I don’t have the first one”. It sounds silly and senseless, most likely, the woman is busy with the lives of strangers and doesn’t understand what is happening in her inner world and around it. Other people or strangers are not an indicator for the beginning of pregnancy, do you agree?
  • “Every woman should be a mother, the child complements the woman and makes her full”. Stop! This is the same story as with “soul mates”. You are a separate person from birth who depends on your parents for some time (the age of majority). So there is no point in looking for half of yourself in a child or husband – you are a complete person. Stop “filling” yourself with other people, just take care of yourself and your development.
  • “Little children are wonderful! I have always dreamed of keeping the kids occupied” is another misconception. You forget that children grow up very fast. If you are charmed by little toddlers who drool and sleep nicely most of the day, then you better buy one of the newest dolls that always remain small and pretty.

Important things to know about having a baby – little children become independent and complex teenagers who require a different approach and education.

Am I ready to be a mom or my time will come?

when should i have a baby

Now let’s talk about those cases when you seriously think about having a child. How to know if you are ready for a baby? A few questions to you or questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Do you feel like a happy person? An unhappy mother is the biggest threat to a baby. This applies to those cases when a woman is bored to live or she doesn’t see her self-realization except to become a mother. Such women must wake up every day and ask themselves “should I have a baby?” before making any decisions.
  • When should I have a baby? There are a number of factors that can keep you away from your cherished goal. These may relate to your career advancement, financial situation, or health problems (temporary). Don’t forget that this question should also be addressed to your spouse (wife). They must sincerely want it and share your wishes, too. There are many things to consider before having a baby and need to be solved together.
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