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Rules in the house and why are they needed?

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house rules for kids

Examples of useful rules for the whole family

Every family has good house rules that regulate the relationship between parents and children. Rules for children are necessary and must be in the life of everyone. Human life always follows certain rules, and by comprehending them, the child grows up.

Can things be scattered around, or should they lie in their places? Can members of a family raise their voices while arguing? Until these things are spoken out, they can cause quarrels. Let’s figure out what are rules in general?

Rules are something that was once established and became familiar. It happens the rules grow into us so much that we already forget that these were once the rules, and we begin to call it the relationship between us. Bad family relationships are the result of bad rules in that family. If we do not set the house rules for kids, children set them up for us.

How to talk about rules?

Discussing family rules in the wrong way will bear consequences. Your main goal is to express your feelings, not blaming others. You can practice phrasing them so that they don’t sound like accusations, otherwise, the discussion of the rules won’t be useful, but will only bring conflicts.

How can the whole family make a list of rules?

good house rules

Choose a time when all family members can gather together and discuss the list of rules. It’s good if it is Friday night or any other moment when things are already over, but you are still concentrated and haven’t switched to rest mode. Invite all members to write down the rules, that can relate to a wide variety of areas of your life, these points can be good family rules examples:

  • distribution of household responsibilities;
  • communication between family members;
  • discussion of the daily routine;
  • use of electronic gadgets.

When the lists are ready, discuss them. Agree which of the listed rules you consider useful for your family and want to be included in the general list, as well as which ones need to be introduced additionally. Also, make sure your final list includes the rules suggested by the children. This will make them feel involved in creating the set of rules and help them to be more responsible in their implementation. It would be perfect if the list contains an equal number of rules from each of the family members. Otherwise, it may turn out the voice of someone was never heard.

Of course, the rules are different for each family, but here is a list of family rules that are universal and you can definitely try:

  1. Family members get together while having food, relaxing or solving important problems.
  2. If the door to the room is closed, you need to knock on it before entering.
  3. Any family member must warn that he will be late.
  4. Everyone has their own household responsibilities
  5. Each family member must express their opinion in the conflict.

Here is also a list of several house rules for toddlers, in case you want to avoid the most common problems in the future:

  1. I have to entertain myself sometimes.
  2. I can fall asleep alone and sleep all night.
  3. I have to do what my parents tell me.

And finally, 5 rules for kids at home, who were left alone:

  1. Keep all windows and doors closed.
  2. Don’t open the door to anyone.
  3. You should definitely answer mom and dad calls.
  4. Don’t invite guests.
  5. In an emergency, call the special numbers.

Overall, taking the time to talk about family rules is a great investment for the future in family well-being. It may be more useful for you to learn about each other while making the rules up. The fact is that some things were said out loud, which will help relieve tension between family members and to understand their needs and wishes better.

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