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Read About The Opportunity To Find Out The Gender Early – You Will Be Surprised!

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baby gender weeks

From the very beginning of pregnancy, we are all waiting for the moment when it will be possible to find out the gender of your child. But, probably, you will not be able to find it out in the early stages. The sex of the child was previously found out at about 20 weeks during an ultrasound scan. But with the development of new technologies, there are other possible options for the earliest to find out the gender of the child.

Indeed, these methods are working, but they have their own nuances that you should know before doing this. This raises the question of when is the earliest to find out baby gender. We will tell you about this further, as well as show you how you can find out the gender early.

How earliest to determine gender?

As we have already said, thanks to ultrasound, the sex of the child can be found out at 20-24 weeks, where it will be clearly visible who your child is. This is because at this time the child’s genitals will already form. At 14-18 weeks, these organs in boys and girls do not differ, so it will be quite difficult to determine. In addition, it can be difficult to identify if the baby is turned incorrectly, crossed legs, or the umbilical cord is in the way.

There are times when you need to know the earliest to tell gender as early as possible. For example, it can be any illness of the mother that threatens the health of the unborn child, or for other reasons. Therefore, can you find out the gender at 17 weeks? Yes! Next, let’s talk about the places where you can do this earlier.

Places to find out the gender of baby early

baby gender week

First of all, you should consult with your doctor before finding out the baby’s gender early. Already taking into account your condition and other factors, he can present you with several options for the earliest you can find out the gender of the baby. The main and more effective ones include:

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

NIPT is extracellular DNA testing. In other words, it is a procedure when a blood test is taken from the mother, in which chromosomal abnormalities and conditions in the child are determined. Here you can also find out the baby’s gender early. It is interesting to know that even at a very early stage, you can get rid of them.

This procedure examines some of your baby’s DNA that may enter the bloodstream from the placenta. Here, if the doctors see Y-chromosome, you will have a baby, and if X, then accordingly you are pregnant with a girl. Thanks to Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing, you can find out the gender of the baby’s week when the baby is just starting to develop (about 10-15 weeks). This is one of the safest ways to earliest you can tell the gender of the baby. The accuracy of this procedure will be 94-96%, which shows its effectiveness. The waiting period for the result is no more than 10-12 days. The only drawback of the procedure is its price since it requires special complex technologies.

Chorionic Villus Sampling

CVS is a special test that also looks for chromosome abnormalities and genetic problems in your child. But also this father-in-law can help earliest to tell the gender of the baby. This procedure takes place in two ways. The first is to pass a transcervical CVS (thin tube) through the cervix. The second method uses a transabdominal CVS through the abdomen (needle is inserted). The main task of the procedure is to get a piece of placental tissue to study. It is clear that this procedure isn’t done “by eye”. The doctor uses a special ultrasound image to take the sample as accurately and safely as possible.

The accuracy of this study is 99%. But this test is already done extremely rarely because newer technologies have appeared that are safer for mother and child. It can be done already starting from 10 weeks, and the results can be obtained 2 weeks after the procedure.

In vitro fertilization with sex selection

IVF is the newest procedure for fertilizing a woman’s egg, during which you can also choose the gender or other features of her body (for example, two eyes or hair). During the procedure, an egg is removed from a woman and a sperm from a man. These components are then combined to ultimately produce an embryo, which is scratched back into the woman’s body. In addition, you can create several embryos, from which you can choose the desired unborn child. This is the earliest you can find out the gender because you will know it even during his “conception”.

This procedure has a 99% chance that if you choose a boy, you will have a boy. It is also worth noting that multiple fertilization can be done if desired. That is, you can transfer more than one embryo into the uterus.

Test to find out baby gender early: is it cheating or does it really work

There are home tests to find out the baby’s gender a week earlier. But do they really work? Scientists see no disadvantages in learning gender at home. But at the same time, the tests lack scientific evidence and 100% correctness of the results. This method has a probability of 50%, which isn’t good enough, and a high percentage. It can be compared to just guessing. But there are still some tests that have a more accurate probability of the earliest week to tell the gender of the baby.

These tests usually take your blood or urine sample. Finding them in a pharmacy will be quite difficult, but they are completely available on the Internet. You will be able to choose the appropriate test from the type of analysis itself, as well as the price. We strongly recommend buying from trusted buyers or online pharmacies.

Tests that analyze the mother’s blood are considered more effective. It can give almost 98 percent accuracy. You can do these tests early at 7 weeks to find out the gender of the baby! All the same, many manufacturers recommend not making a final decision on the test made.

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