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Questions about motivation – why do kids don’t want to study

Parents Tips
how to motivate a kid to study

Both parents and teachers know how difficult it can be to motivate a child to learn. Moreover, it is a difficult task to make him/her set his/her own goals and achieve them.

How to interest a kid with learning?

We know very well how hard it can be to make yourself do something if you don’t see any sense in it.

Therefore, you need to create a system in which the child sees a «space of opportunities» – a variety of tasks and situations that he or she can choose for himself or herself. Having a choice – it is proven by research – already motivates, as does being able to make decisions.

The student needs to have a system of goals – were to end up in order to navigate the learning materials. The goal is a pre-described result, and for the child, it is a kind of benchmark. You can define the necessary steps, set priorities, and understand what to do and why by knowing it.

The child may lose the desire to not only achieve the goal but also to just learn over time. Older children simply accept the rules of the game: it is necessary to get good marks so that there will be no problems – they adapt to the situation. Therefore, it is important how exactly the goal is set and how it is presented to the pupils.

It is necessary to discuss with them why they should study something, what they will get after studying the subject, whether they agree with this result or not. In addition, it is important that the teachers should reconfigure themselves, without this individual approach is impossible.

An important goal is to learn how to learn, to realize that on any existing knowledge there will be a new one, which should be obtained, applied, and made a part of the practice. When a child understands why he/she needs it, then the question of motivation disappears by itself.

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