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Teaching in Private Schools vs Public: Does It Make Sense To Transfer a Child to a Private School?

state schools vs private schools

Each parent always cares that his child is always healthy and happy, and also has a bright future. Therefore, many are worried about when the child should already go to school. We agree that it is quite difficult to choose the right school, given their incredible number and with various features. Today, in this article we will look at state schools vs private schools so that you can understand which direction you should take when choosing an educational institution for your child.

Is Public School Free?

Public school is a fairly common institution. You probably understand who created the school. Yes, these institutions are created and run by government education authorities. The majority of them, about 90% in general. You can enroll your child there when the time comes, providing all the necessary documents. It is also possible to send your child to preparatory classes before he goes to school. This will give him the opportunity to begin to gradually get used to the new society and occupations. Another distinguishing feature between private and public schools is that the public school accepts children who live in the surrounding neighborhoods. In private schools, it makes no difference in which area you live and how far away it is.

About payment. Public schools are free for your children. You just have to queue up to get to school. But usually, it doesn’t take long, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Some schools may also offer free meals for the lower grades. In high school, the child will most likely have to give money for lunch at school or give a box with meals.

Here the child receives a good education, which will be basic and necessary for the transition to a new level of education – university or college. In addition, all of these schools have extracurricular activities, such as football, athletics, cheerleading, a readers’ club, working with a school newspaper and many other interesting things. And all this is also free. So your child can try everything to understand his preferences and what he would like to do in the future at school, and maybe not only.

What Is a Private School?

Private schools are educational institutions that aren’t owned by the state and exist only at the expense of student fees. That is, every year parents undertake to pay a certain amount, which will cover all of their child’s expenses at school. It will include: tuition fees, meals, utilities, and more, depending on what the school spends money on. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how much is private school. Typically, the cost can range from 6 to 30 thousand per year of study. Of course, there are schools that won’t be very expensive, but at the same time, they may differ from those that are more expensive. In addition, potential benefits won’t be taken into account in Washington State’s private schooling costs.

It is also interesting to know that many private schools offer buses that will take your children to school after all classes are over. Your child will be provided with food, where he can choose what he wants most from today’s menu. In addition, a lot of modern equipment is installed in such schools, including for the safe stay of children at school. Also, the entrance to the school is always monitored by security guards, who only let children and their parents or relatives through.

In addition, usually, each student is allocated their own set of uniforms, which must be worn every time they go to school. There will also be a form for physical education. By the way, about this. Private school sports advantages are quite extensive. Your child can start playing sports and participating in competitions to defend the honor of the school. Very often, students from private and public schools can compete in inter-school competitions, which makes it possible to test their sons for maximum. In addition, to prepare for tournaments or performances, the child will have all the necessary equipment, exercise equipment, as well as a shower and much more, which will certainly be useful and interesting for him.

If you are already thinking about how to start a private school, you will have to collect only a few documents and have the necessary amount for studying. Also, if you are transferring from another school to this one, you may be offered to take private school testing. This is necessary in order to understand the level of knowledge of the child. Sometimes, if the institution is prestigious enough, they can appoint smart enough people to study there. But sometimes such testing is necessary to understand which class to place a child in.

Teaching in Private Schools vs Public

The training here is really different. In private educational institutions, everything is much stricter, because the accountant is closely monitored so that each child can get exactly the level of education that was determined by his school. Besides, in private schools, the classes are quite small. This provides a more personalized learning experience and the teacher can spend more time with each child.

But this doesn’t mean at all that state schools are much worse. No, and competent specialists work here who can provide your child with good knowledge at a sufficiently high level.
And so, we told you all the details of public vs private school. We are sure that you were able to draw some conclusions for yourself and your child. In turn, we will still recommend that you choose a private institution for your child’s schooling. We think many will agree with us that this way, there will be more opportunities to reveal possible hidden talent or potential in your child.

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