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Psychology of playing dolls

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why do girls play dolls

Movement is life. A human is evolving in the activity. This activity brings positive changes in the human psyche in each of the stages of personality formation. It is called – leading activity.

For a newborn – it is emotional communication with parents; for a child who goes to kindergarten – a game, for schoolchildren – an educational process; for a teenager – interpersonal communication with peers; in youth – educational and professional activity.

This concept has long existed in psychology. In other words, a person cognizes himself and the world around him through what he does. There are psychological changes in his organism and consciousness. A person learns gradually: what is touch, language, family, joy, and sadness, care, love, mistakes, knowledge, work, skills, experience, relationships.

The appearance of the doll it’s a very interesting process in the child’s life. This subject has accompanied a person for many centuries, if not more. No one can say exactly when it has turned from an idol into a child’s toy. After all, the first role of these funny figures had a religious character. And now, they have filled the showcases of all children’s shops and remain constant favorites for children.

What’s their role? Why do dolls take such a significant place in the lives of us and our children? Which dolls should we choose?

We are used to the fact that such a toy is a girlish attribute. But it’s a false stereotype, there are not only Barbie and Ken. For boys, such toys also play an important role.

Why are toys so important?

dolls for girls
  • A doll is the image of a human, it helps to experience (and bring up) children’s feelings, develops their morality. This is a friend who is always around, plays in any game that came up with the child.
  • The child can realize its fantasies, model different situations in the process of playing with dolls: visit or shopping; rules of conduct at the table, in a public place; forms of attention, caring for someone close to you; how to cross the road, etc.
  • Helps the child to cope with guilt, to survive it.
  • The child can repeat the routine actions of adults (feeding, bathing, walking with the doll).
  • When the child looks at the doll, it has the opportunity to know and explore themselves. Forming of what body parts it has, how it moves, what will happen if he turns his limb or breaks it. This is also an important moment of knowing physiology. Thus the cognitive activity of the child is satisfied.

Which dolls are the best to choose?

boy playing with doll

For children under 2 years old

  • It could be a puppet that can make sounds.
  • A little man (boy or a girl) knitted or sewn from nice fabrics.

After 3 years you can buy a doll made of plastic or vinyl. These materials are practical, mobile, and well cleaned. You can choose a robot, superhero, favorite character, animal for the boy. Girls love to the playhouse. The baby doll is a great choice. Your kid can take care of (feed, carry in a stroller, put to bed), which can make a sound.

Starting from 5 years it can be Barbie dolls, beautiful models, Disney princesses with various accessories and wardrobeб which can be stylishly dressed, combed and play different scenes.

One more important selection rules

  • Dolls should be safe and comfortable during the game.
  • Always ask your daughter or son what dolls they like, and let them choose for themselves.
  • Choose dolls with neutral emotions without clearly fixed images.
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