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Massage Therapy for Pregnancy: Read More about It, You Will Like It!

pregnant and massage

Pregnancy is a period of dramatic changes both in the mind and in the body of a woman. In addition to several pleasant moments, the expectant mother is accompanied by certain difficulties: physical fatigue, pain in the back and lower back, pain in the legs, pinched muscles, and other problems. Is there an alternative to medication in these cases and what can help you relax intense moments? Our answer is pregnancy massage therapy, which is allowed for most women in the position (except for those who have any health problems or other complications).

It’s time to understand all the intricacies of pregnancy and massages. Today we will talk with you about the benefits of massage during the period of bearing a child, contraindications, and the main rules of the procedure. First, let’s understand how massage and pregnancy are interconnected.

What is a pregnant women’s massage for?

how to massage a pregnant woman

All expectant mothers face several problems while carrying a baby. Among the main “side effects” are the main ones that mom feels most strongly:

Weight gain

The process is natural, the main task is to ensure that it is within the normal range according to the gestational age. To control your rate, you need to calculate your BMI. To do this, you need to know your height and original weight. It is impossible to influence such changes during pregnancy with massage techniques, but you can keep the muscles in good shape, so that metabolic processes in the body go faster, and excess weight doesn’t have time to fix on the sides.


Due to internal hormonal changes, the body is rebuilt and temporary problems with fluid excretion may occur. As a rule, the limbs and face swell. Lymphatic drainage massage can easily cope with such a problem.

Back and leg pain

Increasing weight exacerbates chronic diseases. If you had problems with the spine or circulatory system before pregnancy, such as varicose veins, they will become more troubling to you. Regular massage will then become a lifesaver. Since the pain cannot be relieved with medication, massage remains the only “legal” way during pregnancy.

Stretch marks

Although stretch marks are considered to be the result of a dramatic weight change, their main cause is hormones – cortisol and estrogen. If you start using vegetable oils rich in vitamins E and A promptly, as well as do preventive massage, the problem of stretch marks will most likely bypass you. Oils that need to be used at this time so that the skin remains elastic and stretch marks don’t appear or are less noticeable:

  • wheat germ oil
  • avocado oil
  • olive oil
  • cacao butter
  • grape seed oil
  • sunflower oil.

A well-formulated blend with a few drops of citrus essential oils will help keep your skin free from stretch marks.

Stiffness in the neck

Constant tension, a shifting center of gravity leads to a change in the normal physiology of the body, as a result, pain, and fatigue occur. This is especially noticeable in those poses that were previously given to you easily and simply. These “side effects” of pregnancy are easily dealt with by different massage techniques.

Considering these factors, you probably already understood how massages and pregnancy are interconnected.

Can pregnant women get massages early?

massage for pregnant woman

Can pregnant women get a massage? Yes, sometimes it is even very useful. But there are still some important points that can affect massage therapy and pregnancy. They must be taken into account before signing up for this pleasant procedure yourself.

The gestational age is an important point in the matter of massage and pregnancy safety. It isn’t recommended to attend this event before 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is believed that during this period a woman and a child are the most vulnerable, the fetus is still in the process of formation and the risks to its health are the highest. After 12 weeks, you need to consult your doctor, because massage is usually contraindicated in some cases:

  • severe back pain;
  • colds with concomitant fever and inflammation;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • threat of interruption;
  • severe toxicosis;
  • high blood pressure;
  • dermatological diseases.

In any case, even if you don’t have any restrictions regarding women’s pregnancy and massage, you must first consult a doctor. He will determine what type of massage you are allowed and with what intensity. And even if you really want it, then be patient at least before your baby is born.

Benefits of massage therapist for pregnancy

Now that we have answered the question “can a pregnant woman get a massage”, let’s take a look at the benefits of this procedure? For any person, massage has a relaxing effect, and also improves the emotional background. Massage for pregnant women has the same factors. In the case of expectant mothers, there are several useful features:

  • reduction of pain in the back, lower back, neck, hips, and feet;
  • improvement of blood circulation, which subsequently optimizes the process of feeding the fetus with the necessary substances;
  • improving the outflow of lymph and accelerating the process of removing excess water from the body, which significantly reduces body swelling;
  • strengthening the musculoskeletal system, in particular, the muscles of the neck, back, and legs, which is especially useful in the last months of pregnancy;
  • improving the quality of the skin, minimizing stretch marks, reducing the risk of premature aging of the skin.

In general, it is a pleasant and safe alternative to physical activity, an opportunity to relax and recuperate mentally. Pregnant massage therapists are very high, so you can do it safely. But it works only if the woman has no contraindications to this procedure.

Types of massage therapy for pregnancy

Many are interested in whether it is possible for pregnant women to have an anti-cellulite massage or honey massage, or using cans. Alas, many types of this procedure don’t fall into massage for a pregnant woman, especially specific ones, and using various devices. For example, the anti-cellulite option isn’t allowed due to the aggressiveness of its influence and the need to lie exclusively on the back. But it can be replaced with self-massage with a dry brush. In general, it is allowed to work with the following zones:

  • face and neck;
  • arms and legs;
  • back;
  • shoulder girdle.

They correspond to cosmetic facial massage, general hygienic massage, massage of the head and neck collar zone, classic for the back. Yes, many people doubt whether a back massage is possible for pregnant women if it is a very sensitive area. This isn’t something that can be done, but must be done! During pregnancy, plump breasts and a growing belly give a strong blow to the musculoskeletal system and the correct manual manipulation of the back can relieve pain and discomfort.

How to massage a pregnant woman: what a pregnant massage therapy master should do

massage and pregnancy

Massage therapy during pregnancy should be as easy and enjoyable as possible. You cannot do hardware manipulations, use electric appliances, work with tapping, vibration, and percussion techniques. Here are the rules a master should follow:

  1. Work is done with soft and calm movements.
  2. Rubbing, stroking, and kneading are used as a basis.
  3. Massage of the cervical spine and head is carried out exclusively in a sitting position when The client can lean on a chair.
  4. The back massage for pregnant women is done strictly on the side.
  5. You can not massage the abdomen and lumbosacral region.
  6. Duration doesn’t exceed 40 minutes.

Immediately after the session, you cannot get up and make sudden movements, you need to lie down in silence for literally 15 minutes more.

It is also the responsibility of the pregnancy massage therapist to make the selection of massage oil. It should be hypoallergenic and not warming or cooling. The massage therapist is obliged to give you an allergy test before the procedure. If the test showed an allergic reaction, you should refuse to use this oil. In addition, the office shouldn’t contain any fragrances that can impair the woman’s well-being while she is in the room.

Also, the specialist should know all possible information about pregnancy and massage to help in case of something. Before the start of the session, he should additionally examine the woman if she has any problems (for example, those that the doctor didn’t notice) that prohibit pregnant women massages.

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