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Best Newborn Baby List of Things to Buy! Find Out What Your Child Needs Right Now!

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If you are here, then for sure your long-awaited baby will be born soon. And most likely you are worried when the boy comes to his home for the first time so that everything necessary has already been prepared. You need at least simple baby necessities to make your child feel comfortable.

Yes, it will be difficult to decide what exactly is needed, because now a variety of objects are spinning in my head. It is because of this that you can forget about the smallest, but very important detail. We will help you choose everything you need in our practical baby registry checklist. Pay attention to each of the points, or rather write them down for yourself.

Newborn Baby List of Things to Buy

We asked dozens of mothers about which things came in handy, and which ones might wait. In the end, we were able to collect various items that you should definitely buy before the newborn arrives at their new home. We’ve also made this simple baby registry list smaller so that every parent can afford to buy everything they need. Moreover, all things will also be designed for a small house or apartment. We’ll divide these minimalist baby essentials into several categories to keep everything nicely structured and make it easier for you to understand what is needed and where.

Baby Registry List Ideas for the Nursery

And so, let’s get down to considering the baby needs a checklist from the crib. Isn’t she the most important detail in a toddler’s bedroom? Exactly. Choose a crib that will be protected by high bumpers so those little ones cannot get in or out of it. There are also such cribs, one side of which can be opened. Accordingly, if you are still planning to sleep with your child, just install such a crib so that both you and the baby are comfortable. If you don’t have quite enough room for a midnight wooden bassinet, you can buy a lighter construction that can be easily carried and folded. In addition, now there are convertible cots in which you can transport your child by car and open into a regular crib if necessary.

Together with the crib, you should buy toys that will hang over the baby. This is what will guarantee a good and restful sleep. This is especially true if the toy rotates and has musical accompaniment. There are a lot of them on the market now. It is not necessary to be the most sophisticated. The main selection criterion is a secure attachment to the bed. This way you can be sure that the toys will not fall on the child during any movement.

Also, our list of things the baby needs should include a changing table. This is a great thing for your child. Better yet, it will be a table with drawers where you can put diapers, panties, creams, powders, and underwear. Of course, it will need a lot of space. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a changing sheet. You can store it in a closet and take it out and spread it out if necessary.

Also, for our minimalist baby registry, you need to test a baby monitor or video camera. If you want your child to sleep separately from you, this will be a very necessary thing. After all, this way you can watch the child’s condition even from another room. You can also carry them if the child is in another room, such as the kitchen. These settings will tell you when your baby needs help, or you can follow up online. Also, some of them can broadcast with sound directly to your smartphone. Cool, isn’t it?

The play area is also very important in the children’s room. You can buy any educational toys, or soft toy animals by age so that the child has something to do. Also, if you do not want everything to be scattered around the house, you can buy a special place with bumpers and a soft floor, where the child can safely play. You will not need to be afraid that the child will climb over or get hurt for some reason because such a place is very soft and safe.

Newborn Baby Needs List: Kitchen Essentials

The main items in our newborn baby supply list will be devices, dishes, and bottles. At first, you only need a few pairs of bottles. Everything else can be purchased when you want to teach your baby to eat on his own from a spoon. You only need a few pairs of bottles so that you can use others if a few of them are dirty or are still sterilized. And what kind of bottles we chose we talked about in one of the previous articles.

Another important item on our first baby list of essentials will be a dedicated feeding chair. They come in very different shapes and sizes, which makes them suitable for even the smallest kitchens. Choose a chair that has a stand that you can put food on, or buy a chair that fits your dining table in height so your child can sit at it too. Nevertheless, the option with a stand will be more convenient, because the child will not be able to get out of there on his own, and if necessary, you can remove this stand. In addition, we advise you to choose plastic structures so that you can rearrange them even if a child is sitting in them.

Another thing in the simple baby registry is the sterilizer. So you can be sure that there are no bacteria and microbes on the objects that can enter the child’s body. If you do not have space or the opportunity to purchase a special device, you can wash everything in the dishwasher, or boil in a pot of water.

List of Baby Items for Baby Shower

baby needs check list

By far the most important part of the basic baby needs checklist will be the hygiene products. Make sure you have the right baby shower in your bathroom. They should be exactly from the children’s series so that they are not too aggressive for delicate skin. Also, here can be attributed to napkins with which you can and should wipe the baby. It’s also a good idea to get some baby oil. It will take good care of the baby’s skin and remove all kinds of irritation and redness. Also in the minimal baby registry is toothpaste and a brush. They are also meant to hit children. You can transfer the purchase of this, too, while your child has not yet ingrown teeth.

We also need to add a pot to our baby item checklist. You can buy it a little later when the child has already begun to walk on his own. It is best to choose him with the child so that he is not afraid to sit on him and do his own thing. This is very important because many parents are faced with the problem that the child is afraid to sit there. If you do not have a place where the potty will stand, you can easily buy a special child seat for the toilet and a small step so that the child can get to the desired place. The same step will be very useful for the bathroom sink when the child is already brushing his teeth.

Baby Items Checklist for Out-of-Home and Travel Trips

list of things baby needs

One of the baby registry essentials only of all types of items is, of course, a stroller. It is necessary for transporting the child and walking in the fresh air. If you have cold winters and hot summers, then of course you will need two strollers. In an ordinary stroller, it can be very hot for a child, so the second one should be taken from a light, breathable fabric so that it would be much easier for the child to endure the summer heat. It is also worth noting that it is better to choose this product from a simple and lightweight material so that it is not difficult for you. This will be especially true if you have to raise it and rearrange it at some point (for example, if there are steps but no ramp).

If you already have nowhere to put your second summer stroller, you can purchase a special baby carrier so that you can carry your baby right in your arms. It takes up the minimum amount of space, has different shapes, types, and colors. You can easily go to any suitable store to try on which product will be the most convenient for you to move around.

Well, our minimalist baby registry checklist will finish with a place for transportation. But we know how to save money here. As mentioned earlier, there are special cradles that are transformed for transportation. You can buy this particular carrycot. There is another possibility as well. Use convertible strollers. Almost all modern strollers are adapted for such transportation in a car, so you won’t have to look for a suitable one for a long time. As an adult, you will need a car seat so that you can safely transport your child in the car.
Thanks for reading the article. Surely our baby needs checklist will be useful to you very soon. Write a list of suggested items and go to the store. Good luck!

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