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Read This Article Before Giving Your Child Oatmeal | This Is Very Important To You!

organic baby oatmeal

Do you like oatmeal? Most of the people who read this will answer the undeniable YES. After all, this is a delicious porridge, and quite healthy. You and your child may be eating a variety of foods that even contain organic baby oats, such as cereals, muesli, granola, and bars. But few people know that even such oatmeal can contain an element that changes the whole situation. This is glyphosate.

Already at the moment, a huge amount of research has been carried out on how oatmeal can affect the human body. In one of them, the level of glyphosate was measured in 45 samples of various goods and manufacturers, where the bulk was occupied by oats. To them, they added 16 more products that contained organic infant oatmeal. The results surprised not only the researchers but also the people who observed it.

Surprisingly, 31 samples of regular oats contained levels of glyphosate that are no longer recommended for frequent consumption by toddlers. And in the samples, baby oatmeal organic contained ten times less of this harmful component, which is a safer option for consumption. This shows that you need to use only high-quality and the best oatmeal brand for toddlers. This is the only way you can be sure that the child is consuming quality foods that strengthen his body.

Also, the same group of researchers indicated that children aged 1-2 years have an increased opportunity to receive a greater impact of this component on their bodies by about two times! And the health indicator is 250 times higher than the control basic health indicator, which means a bad effect on well-being and an increased risk of various disorders and diseases. But this doesn’t mean that children over this age and adults are safer from negative consequences.

Not sure if this can really affect your and your baby’s health? That’s not all you need to know about this product. We have a few more very important facts that will show you why you should choose organic oatmeal cereal for babies. We’ll go into more detail about this below, and also help you determine which safe oatmeal brands are truly safe for your child.

Oatmeal and Glyphosate

Glyphosate is an active ingredient that is widely used to prevent weeds from growing in fields and vegetable gardens. In the USA, it is often used for planting corn, soybeans, oats, as well as some fruits, berries, and vegetables. It is interesting to know that when sowing these crops, more than 200 million pounds of this element can be sprayed.

Several years ago, glyphosate was thought to be harmless to the human body. But with the development of various technologies, scientists still said that it can destroy intestinal bacteria, which can contribute to the emergence of chronic diseases, as well as cancer. But still, many manufacturers of this substance continue to claim that it isn’t dangerous, although the WHO claims the opposite.

Lawsuits are currently underway to ban the use of this substance, but the likelihood of a successful closure is very small. However, in 2018, a manufacturing company paid compensation for injuring a man who suffered cancer due to a large number of herbicides in food. As a result, the man received approximately $289 million, which is certainly necessary for treatment.

Among other things, this substance also helps other toxic substances in the body to make an increased impact on the body. Although this process is quite slow, it continues to destroy the cellular systems of the entire human body all the time. Imagine what could happen to the growing organism of a child? But by the way, glyphosate is harmless to any species of animals. Therefore, you can not be afraid to feed them with regular oatmeal.

We think we were able to show enough examples of how glyphosate affects the body. Therefore, we will also highlight how organic oatmeal for toddlers can be useful.

What is useful organic baby oatmeal?

Let’s determine with you why it is worth buying organic oatmeal for toddlers and whether it is worth the money. First of all, it is many times more useful, because it doesn’t have harmful substances in itself. Therefore, you can safely feed the baby with it without fear that any health problems may arise. Here everything is exactly the opposite. This oatmeal only contributes to the proper functioning of the stomach and the body as a whole.

The best organic oatmeal is essential for the proper functioning of your casserole. It will be especially useful for those adults and children who are on a special diet, have digestive problems, or simply get used to new food. Consuming this product in different forms will be an excellent option if you are only weaning your baby from breast milk, and also teaching your baby to eat cereals and cereals.

Indeed, the price of organic infant oatmeal is quite high compared to conventional cereals. In addition, don’t forget that this oatmeal is additionally processed before being packaged and sent to supermarket shelves. Also, producers spend money on workers who properly care for growing crops, because this really affects the final product. But what fortified oatmeal brands are worth buying and feeding your child?

The best organic oatmeal cereal for babies: good and safe oatmeal brands

And so, we come to the most interesting and important part of the article. Of course, it will be easy to switch to organic oatmeal from regular oatmeal, but choosing a quality manufacturer is quite difficult. We did some kind of experiment where we tested all kinds of brands that make products with organic flakes. Here are some of the best organic oatmeal for babies that you will really enjoy:

Oatmeal Nature’s Path

We drew some conclusions when we tested this product. We realized that the type of cereal plays a big role. These cereals are one of the few best organic oatmeal that has preserved and sells oatmeal with a fluffy texture, which retains more of the beneficial trace elements and other vitamins inside. All this will undoubtedly be beneficial for the good development of children.

It is interesting to know that this product contains nothing but the flakes and salt themselves. This oatmeal has become the real leader of the best organic baby oatmeal top, which, moreover, has excellent taste. In addition, you can cook many interesting dishes from it (for example, cookies, smoothies or oatmeal pancakes), in addition to porridge, which will please not only kids but also adults.

Oatmeal from Purely Elizabeth

This porridge contains more than just gluten-free oats. It also contains flax, quinoa, chia, hemp, and amaranth seeds. This set of goodies is really a great and filling breakfast option. But it is worth considering that due to the presence of other ingredients, it is better to give this porridge to older children (from 2 years old, or depending on the fact that there is already a child).

Purely Elizabeth is truly the best of all quality fortified oatmeal brands, as they try their best to give consumers only properly grown and processed products, which confirms a good purchase rate, especially by mothers. In addition, various seeds give the porridge a special interesting taste that all your loved ones will appreciate.

McCann’s Quick & Easy Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal

You have probably known this brand since childhood. Imagine, since that time they were able to win a place in the best organic baby oatmeal cereal chart and on the shelves of many supermarkets. This is really deserved because they produce a high-quality and tasty product that all children love so much. At the same time, it is very convenient to prepare, because it only takes 5 minutes, which is very important for mothers who have a lot of things to do.

It is worth knowing that this oatmeal has more processing than other producers, which is why it is absorbed much faster. It is also important that the product itself contains nothing but the oatmeal itself. Therefore, you can safely add fruits, honey, and nuts there to teach your child to eat delicious food. But even serving this organic oatmeal for babies without anything, will retain its special interesting taste.

We hope that thanks to our article, you were able to change your mind about the best oatmeal brand for toddlers. Please yourself and your child with quality food every day!

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