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Oral Thrush In Babies: You Won’t Believe What We Have Found This Morning!


The child may have any health problems quite often. Whether it’s colic, skin irritation, skin wounds (including due to too sharp a child’s nails), eye problems, thrush, and more. Mothers are faced with the latter option more and more often. This is especially noticeable if the baby refuses to eat and drink. How to get rid of this? There is always a way out, but first, it’s worth understanding the definition of this disease.

What is oral thrush in babies?

oral thrush in babies

Thrush or oral yeast infection is a common problem that many moms may experience. It can usually be seen in infants under 6 months of age, or the elderly.

Most often, thrush appears as a yellow, and sometimes white in the baby’s mouth. It can also appear as sores around the mouth, on the tongue, palate, or gums.

Mothers are very worried and do not know does thrush hurts babies. Yes, thrush is painful for babies, if the child is sensitive, or if the disease is more complex. But there are also times when the baby may not feel any discomfort.

Often, a baby can get this infection at birth. A yeast infection can be in the birth canal or the mother’s vagina. She appears in these places if during pregnancy the hormonal background has changed, her mother took any medications, or she just got sick. You can avoid this by regularly visiting your doctor during and after pregnancy.

Now the question is, how do infants get thrush?

What causes thrush in babies?

Thrush in a newborn mouth can occur for many reasons. We attributed the following reasons to the main ones:

  1. Mom did not dry her breasts well immediately after feeding. Also, if your baby sucking on a pacifier or bottle before breastfeeding, the mouth will be too wet. This is where the ideal environment is created for the appearance of a fungal infection.
  2. The mother’s use of antibiotics, which kill beneficial bacteria, during the nursing period.
  3. Poor sterilization and cleaning of items that the baby may take in the mouth.

In addition, if the problem is not detected in time, the infection can affect the mother’s breast. The fungus can easily be transmitted during feeding time after time, increasing the impact of the disease. This will not very well affect the woman’s well-being, but if the problem is cured in time, there will be no big danger.

Also, if a child has a problem at the age of more than 8-9 months, other more serious problems can become a problem of the appearance of the disease. In this case, you should check both the health of the child and the health of the parents.

Babies thrush symptoms

The most obvious sign of oral thrush is white sores in the baby’s mouth. It looks very much like cottage cheese, but you cannot simply erase it. The appearance of such a rash can be accompanied by discomfort. Very often, this can affect the fact that the baby begins to eat poorly. Or even just having a slight hustle and bustle while eating or breastfeeding is also a symptom.

Children can open the wound, which can cause bleeding and more complex consequences of the disease. That is why the treatment can be delayed for a longer period.

If the child’s mother also caught this yeast infection, she may also have characteristic signs of its appearance. For example, this may be indicated by unpleasant and painful sensations during breastfeeding. Also, the modification of the nipples: the skin began to peel off, the nipples became harder, itching appeared. In addition, severe chest pains may periodically appear. Therefore, it is best to solve this problem as soon as possible so that the infection cannot spread and cause more harm to the body.

How to soothe thrush in babies?

babies thrush symptoms

First of all, after detecting this problem, it is worth calling the attending physician or coming for a consultation with a pediatrician. Treatment of newborn thrush treatment may not be necessary, as the infection may disappear within 1-2 weeks after the onset of symptoms. During this period, it is worth doing everything so that the infection does not appear again. Mandatory procedures include:

  • Thorough washing and drying of nipples, bottles;
  • It is good and dry to wipe the mother’s breast after feeding;
  • Dairy and other food products that a child eats should be stored in the refrigerator (and in principle, all food should be stored there in order to eat fresher food and keep it fresh longer).

But if the situation has not gone away within these few weeks, then the doctor may prescribe thrush medicine for infants. It is usually sold in the form of a special solution. Yes, it will not taste like candy, but you still need to take it. In addition, the doctor may suggest the use of special yogurt in addition to taking this drug. Sometimes you can find lactobacilli yogurts in stores, which will help kill all infections in the child’s body.

Also, mothers may additionally prescribe an antifungal ointment that is applied to the nipples. It is needed to remove the discomfort and the infection itself, as well as not to infect the child again.

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