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Natural Bug Spray for Babies: Is It Realistic To Do It Yourself?

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Natural Bug Spray for Babies

With the arrival of summer, nature walks become frequent and especially enjoyable. When the weather improves, it seems that nothing, or almost nothing, can spoil a good mood.

So, literally a trifle – mosquitoes and insects, which, despite their size, can seriously overshadow a pleasant vacation in the forest. This is especially painful and unpleasant in children. And of course, to defend yourself, you should definitely use mosquito repellent for babies naturally.

Even so, eating large amounts of garlic isn’t an option for repellent, as it can cause allergies. Fortunately, in the modern world, they have already come up with a fair bug spray for babies naturally, which will reliably save in nature or just for a walk.

There is nothing to be done, for these blood-sucking insects, the natural smells of a person are a real ragweed. What every person breathes out and the lactic acid found in sweat, are the bait for mosquitoes to immediately want to suck on your skin. However, the bites themselves aren’t the biggest problem.

The so-called iodide insects are carriers of deadly viruses, so the potential threat from the bite of small bloodsuckers is, without exaggeration, considered serious. Usually, for bites, both children and adults use conventional sprays, but at a young age it is better not to use them (we will tell you why).

Accordingly, it is better to pay attention to natural mosquito repellent for babies. Of course, they can also be bought at a supermarket or pharmacy, but at a higher price. But why buy when you can make a natural mosquito repellent for children yourself?

Now we will explain to you in more detail everything about sprays, and also show you how to make a non-toxic bug spray for babies, which will reliably protect, including you.

Homemade Mosquito Repellent for Babies

Homemade Mosquito Repellent for Babies

Regular repellents contain diethyltoluamide (DEET), a substance that has been proven effective for over 50 years. According to some reports, it is found in 60% of all insect repellents that you can buy. Unfortunately, despite its proven long-term effectiveness, DEET is toxic.

Many studies have shown that frequent and prolonged use of DEET can lead to problems and death of brain cells, which can also act on behavioral changes and other similar problems. And this is only in adults. Imagine how this affects children!

Scientists urge never to use DEET products on the skin of children and adolescents, the side effects can be even worse. This once again confirms the need to use homemade natural mosquito repellent for babies. Combining with sunscreens also carries greater risks than using DEET alone.

Alternative defense agents such as the synthesized picaridin or lemon eucalyptus have also been shown to be not safe enough, causing skin and eye irritation, but much less neurotoxic. These substances mask the smell of a person, and it becomes more difficult for the insect to detect the target.

These aren’t recommended for children under three years of age. If you decide to try it anyway, apply in a very thin layer or even on a small area of ​​the skin to observe the reaction. But in any case, you should use homemade insect repellent for babies.

As always, nature has a solution for this too. Many plants are natural repellents, and their properties have been used successfully as raw fumigants for centuries. Today, scientific research confirms the effectiveness of a range of essential oils in protecting against mosquito bites, creating an all natural insect repellent for babies.

These include lemongrass, patchouli, cloves, cedar, rosemary, thyme, and lemon eucalyptus. Some oils have shown good ability even to protect against ticks: geranium, palmarosa, sandalwood and vetiver.

The difficulty in using essential oils when used in a homemade bug spray for babies is that esters are volatile, that is, their action is short-lived. Good formulas take this fact into account, so a natural repellent can be effective and provide protection for several hours. You don’t have to buy it, because we show you a homemade bug repellent for babies recipe that will be the best remedy you will ever buy for your child.

DIY Natural Insect Repellent

And so, let’s finally get down to the recipe for natural mosquito repellent for children with our own hands. We only need a spray bottle, water and essential oils. For 100 ml of water, you need to take 50 drops of essential oils. If you are making organic mosquito repellent for babies under 12 years, reduce the concentration of essential oils by half. You can do it separately for yourself if you have been using aromatherapy for a long time, your body is “accustomed” to essential oils, or there are so many mosquitoes/mites in your resting place – you can double the concentration of essential oils (up to 100 drops per 100 ml).

For a mixture of essential oils, use: citronella (lemongrass), cloves (you need to be careful with it and don’t use more than 10 drops), eucalyptus, geranium, lavender or tea tree. No matter which oils you choose to use, you can get great protection. Of course, it’s better to use everything, but the main thing here isn;t to overdo it.

The preparation is very simple: just add essential oils to the water and pour it all into a spray bottle. And now – we have a natural and very effective repellent for the whole family! You need to store such a spray in the refrigerator, where it will calmly “live” for 2-3 months. Shake the liquid before use so that the oils mix slightly with the water. Spray on clothing and exposed skin before going outdoors. Also, remember that essential oils are yellow and can leave greasy marks on clothes. So we advise you not to apply on light-colored clothes and spray at a distance to avoid large greasy stains on your clothes (they will be difficult to remove).

And of course you can use this marshland insect repellent, because it is able to protect children not only from mosquitoes, but also from other insects that can only be found in different parts of the world. So feel free to use it in any suitable situation and only apply it to the skin very carefully. Otherwise, even natural mosquito repellent for kids can cause irritation or allergy side effects. So be extremely careful. You can apply the product to a small area of ​​the child’s skin a few hours before using the spray outside, to find out the reaction. If all is well, apply completely to all exposed areas of the body.
Surely you can now protect your baby and yourself thanks to our organic bug spray for babies recipe. We recommend that you follow the recipe or give less essential oils if you aren’t sure how your child’s body and skin will react. You can add more at any time. Be careful not to forget it when going out in the evening and when traveling out of town with a child. Good luck!

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