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“Mom, I Don’t Want to Go to School!” or How to Help Your Child Back to School?

Parents Tips

Nothing is surprising or scary about your child refusing to go to school or sit at a desk.

Although distance learning could have a different effect. Those who were discouraged and bored with their laptops absorbing digital information from the teacher are probably already hungry for the school atmosphere.

But still, there are bound to be those girls and boys who can’t pack a backpack without tears.

Schoolchildren, the evolution of laziness, and coping with stress

child at school

It’s no secret that studying is a real stress. Children need to put twice as much effort as adults into their self-discipline – to get up in the morning, do their homework, absorb new information and learn new skills.

Evolutionarily the human body is accustomed to the need to conserve energy and run away from any source of stress and threat to well-being. Therefore, in today’s day and age, stress has acquired and transformed into a difficult process of education.

How to help your child regain interest and desire to go to school?

do not want to go to school

Let’s look at effective ways to help your child overcome laziness and reluctance:

Everything starts with health

Now it’s winter and the daylight hours are much shorter than in summer or early fall. Therefore, symptoms such as lack of energy and apathy are common companions even for adults.

So, take care of your child’s well-being problems in a comprehensive way:

  • ensure a healthy and adequate sleep;
  • diversify your diet (vegetables, greens and fruits are must-haves);
  • increase physical activity (go to the woods and ride a sled, play snowballs or make a snowman).

Forget about fighting because the child doesn’t want something

Yes, he does not want to go to school and refuses. Accept this fact, because it is inherent in his physiology!

It is better to tell him how he will have a great time after he wakes up and what awaits him next. Visualize it together!

Don’t overburden your schoolchild!

It seems that the child missed a lot and now it is necessary to make up for the lost time. But know the limits! And if your student is having a hard time-solving math equations, you should understand that and organize some kind of distraction.

Get creative, draw or make a car out of playdough.

When the brain activity shifts, it will be easier to focus on something harder.

Good luck and have fun at school!

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