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Meet Kira Bailey! American Girl has chosen the doll of the year 2021

Parents Tips
Kira Bailey doll

Perhaps you’re too late with a gift and don’t know what to give your little daughter, sister or niece, then we have a great idea for you!

American Girl has identified the doll of the year 2021 and her name is Kira Bailey!

Each year the Pleasant Company identifies one of the 18-inch dolls that will be the symbol of the year. This time it’s a blond girl named Kira Bailey. She’s only 10 years old and is helping to save koalas and the rest of the Australian forests from terrible fires.

Also, you can check out the book that comes with the girl Kira. This book contains educational materials for children that focus on environmental education for little princesses.

American Girl produces original dolls for girls from 8 to 12 years old. What is interesting, among the range you can find representatives of different social strata, races and religions, ethnic groups, and even the inhabitants of ancient times.

Two years ago, the doll of the year was Blair, who worked in a family restaurant and tried to spend more time without social media and popular messengers.

Last year it was Joss, the athlete with a hearing aid and a service dog.

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