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Maternity photo-shoot ideas: How to prepare and what to choose?

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Pregnancy, as many older women and even some men say, is a wonderful period for every woman of the gentle sex. According to them, the woman looks very cute, feminine and it is so revealed her essence and natural beauty.

It is difficult to argue with this and it is also difficult to find a woman who doesn’t want to remember this exciting and memorable period – when the future child is still an inseparable part of the mother. The most famous, reliable, and beautiful way is to do a photoshoot for a pregnant woman. Of course, there will be such women who will refuse such a process but in most cases, every woman dreams of a photoshoot with different maternity photography ideas in the future.

Pregnancy photo-shoot ideas – how did it all begin?

maternity pictures ideas

Some time ago, pregnant women were doomed to cute maternity picture ideas. Future mothers appeared in delicate and lace clothes (dresses, tunics, and shirts). A big round belly is always the center of attention in the photo. And there is no individuality, creativity and the woman is lost as an unsightly background.

If everything is so monotonous, then you can understand women who were against this idea.

It’s a complicated situation. Now, photo shootings of pregnant women are at the peak of popularity. Internet and social networks are simply overflowing with different creative maternity photography ideas. It all started with celebrities and famous moms. They were the first to start sharing their photos in unusual and non-standard images, which fueled the interest and gave the “green light” to other photographers to develop this type of photoshoot. This stage made it clear to many women that they also can create a photo album with unique maternity photo ideas.

Maternity photoshoot ideas: Where to start?

family maternity photo ideas

If you’re a pregnant mother who is lining up to capture her beautiful condition on film, the first step is the choice of stylistics and a photographer who will create magic around you.

Many photographers advise choosing close examples of photos of other pregnant women on the Internet. You should determine the place of shooting for yourself (home atmosphere, studio shooting, or natural locations). Your comfort is the first criterion to be taken into account. It all depends on what time of year is outside your window. In this case, the weather and the beauty of nature will be your magical scenery.

If you have decided on the style of photography (glamour, rock’n’roll, home, or fall maternity picture ideas) then start looking for your photographer.

Ask your friends to share information (maybe someone has contacts of worthy photographers). Open your Instagram, you are likely to have been following popular photographers of your city for a long time. Nowadays it is very simple. Usually, photographers are divided into two types:

  • Some photographers take pictures in a certain style; they have all the necessary elements for taking pictures.
  • Others take into account your individuality and offer its vision for your future photography.

Maternity pictures ideas: Where is it better to take pictures?

unique maternity photos ideas

Shooting in a photographer’s studio

Advantages of such shooting

  • Your photos will be successful and the conditions comfortable; you don’t depend on the season, weather outside the window, and air temperature.
  • All scenery and elements of shooting are at hand.
  • You can choose any look for yourself – there are no restrictions. Usually, such studios are equipped with perfect lighting and you can be sure of high-quality photography.

Shooting in the home environment

maternity photoshoot ideas

This option is suitable for women whose pregnancy is not as stable and calm as we would like. The house doesn’t have all the necessary decorations and details. But a professional photographer will be able to think out for you an unusual portrayal, for example, associated with the preparation for the birth of a baby.

Outdoor photography is a great place for family maternity photo ideas

As we have already said, the only obstacle is weather patterns. You can postpone this event to other more favorable days. But we believe that picturesque landscapes, a city park, or a garden are the best scenery for the realization of pregnancy picture ideas.

First of all, a picnic in the middle of a park in the open air is a great option for photo ideas with husband and future brother/sister. You get lively and beautiful pictures where you enjoy a beautiful view together and have a delicious dinner.

Secondly, maybe you have a poppy field or territory with wildflowers (with sunflowers, lavender, and other flowers). This is an ideal place to shoot any woman. An experienced photographer will always come up with beautiful pregnancy photography poses with flowers and trees. Women and flowers – isn’t it a divine combination?

Is pregnancy pictures ideas for couples a great idea or is it better to be alone in the frame?

fall maternity picture ideas

It all depends on the wishes and priorities of the pregnant woman. If you decide to take photos with the husband and father of the child, the emphasis of photography will be on your relationship, romance, and anxious expectations of replenishment in the family.

When a pregnant woman chooses to shoot alone, the accent of photography will shift to her inner feelings.

Many expectant mothers want and invent pregnancy photo ideas with their husbands. Especially, if you already have a child, it is a great way to record your family idyll on the shot.

There are, for example, men who don’t like to be photographed – this should be taken into account too. But what man can resist the desire of a pregnant wife?

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