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Leg cramps during pregnancy


It is already possible not to talk about how pregnancy is a difficult, uncomfortable, and not entirely comfortable period in a woman’s life.

Pain in the lower back, muscles, and tissues is under constant tension and stress, internal organs experience various types of discomfort due to the enlargement of the fetus, and this is not the whole list. It is difficult for a woman to stay in one position for a long time (standing, sitting, or lying down), some suffer from insomnia or conversely a loss of strength. And this is not the whole list.

Today, we’re going to dedicate an article to a common problem, such as leg cramps during pregnancy. It seems that the legs are the most vulnerable part of the human body because they have to carry our body throughout life. Imagine the stress and strain they are under when another person lives and develops inside of us.

It is not for nothing phlebologists and gynecologists who are pregnant advise some women to buy compression stockings (especially when there is a predisposition to vascular disease).

So, imagine how at night you wake up from something that grabs your leg and will not let go. Such sudden muscle cramps are common among professional athletes. But what does this have to do with a pregnant woman who, on the contrary, has reduced her usual activity? Why leg cramps during pregnancy and what causes leg cramps in pregnancy?

Calf cramping during pregnancy

calf cramping during pregnancy

As we have already found out foot cramping during pregnancy is a very real story for most expectant mothers. Let’s find out what causes pregnancy leg cramps at night and what this can mean?

Causes of muscle cramping during pregnancy

Cramping in the legs during pregnancy may indicate the following problems or changes in the body of the expectant mother:

An imbalance of micronutrients (calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and potassium) in a woman’s body

It is important to note that the symptoms and effects may be different in certain periods of pregnancy, for example:

  • A woman’s body may lose a large number of necessary micronutrients during toxicosis in the first trimester;
  • The second trimester is the period of formation of the baby’s bone system, so it needs a certain amount of minerals that it receives from the mother’s body;
  • Unbalanced meals are one of the most common reasons why do you get leg cramps when pregnant.

Iron deficiency (anemia)

cramping during pregnancy

Cramps are not the only consequence of anemia in pregnant women. Often, a lack of Fe makes women feel dizzy, faint, and lack energy.

Iron is active in transporting oxygen to cells and organs. The baby accumulates about 300 mg of iron before he or she is born. Therefore, the mother-to-be should monitor and replenish this important element from food.

Varicose veins

This diagnosis is familiar to most women. Because the beautiful half of mankind is exposed to varicose veins twice as often as men. These thick, bulging, and twisted veins spoil their life not only with aesthetic discomfort but also with the general violation of the blood supply.

If you have similar problems, or if you know that your mother or grandmother suffers from a similar ailment, you should consult not only a gynecologist but also a phlebologist before planning a pregnancy. Because cramps are just the beginning of serious diseases and consequences that should not be ignored.

We have described the most popular causes of leg cramps in pregnant women. You can also add to this list low blood glucose levels, hypothermia of the lower extremities, and inferior vena cava syndrome.

Only your doctor can tell you what your specific cause is after detailed questioning and taking a medical history (+ blood tests).

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