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Kids room ideas: tips for making a useful space

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kids room

What to choose: wallpapers or painted walls? Both variants are worth attention. Pay attention to wallpapers-patterns with design drawings if you choose the first one. It’s better to choose wallpapers from eco materials that can be washed, in such a case your child may use them as coloring. If you have chosen the second variant try to paint with a safe composition, for example, with latex. Its smell weathers out more quickly and the second layer can be applied in an hour after the first one. Also, you may dye some areas with graphite paint – the space will become interactive.

There should be enough light in the room. It’s great if windows face east and the sunlight hits them. There should always be an additional light source on the child’s desktop or in a special place for reading. Sconces, floor lamps and chandeliers with stained-glass windows that provide colorful light should be used.

Supporters of handmade things can use recycle- and upcycle-decor. For example, halves of ordinary globes look great as lampshades. Do not forget that a child’s sleep depends on the light, so the curtains or blinds must necessarily be in the room.

It should not be much furniture – only the most necessary, because the main thing in the child’s room is a free space. The easiest way to decide how to furnish the room is to imagine yourself as a child and to focus on his needs, temperament, and development. For example, there is a choice between a tall and a low wardrobe. If a child pulls everything into his mouth ー buy a tall one. If he loves to clean up then buy low, it will give an opportunity for a baby to get what he needs, to clean up, and to find his clothes. There is a very important moment: a kid should be able to get their toys by themselves, to own the space, and to decide what to do.

Don’t forget about the details. If the child is small it will be better to put a trash bucket right in the room. These little things will help him to direct this energy into development and learning.

Provide space for “cleaning up in five seconds” – large drawers, baskets, or suspension systems. Come up with a storage system to accustom your child to order: use a lot of boxes with picture classifiers. Children learn the best when they play, so a creative approach to the issue will help to teach a baby to clean up.

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