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Kids Hairstyles

Parents Tips

Toddler hairstyles always look amazing. There are parents, especially moms who enjoy the process of creating complicated and unusual little girl hairstyles. They like to look at the result of their hard work.

After all, it is important to keep a child’s hair clean, well-groomed and it doesn’t disturb doing anything (it is actually for lessons in the classroom). And it refers not only to girls but to boys too.

In this article, we will tell you about the most practical and cute hairstyles for girls and boys. We will talk about the features of a kid’s hair how to choose a hairstyle by hair type.

Features of children’s hair

The thinning hair of cute little girls is a very common phenomenon. But thin hair is a real disaster for young girls. After all, thick hair is a point of pride for any woman.

What can a mother do in such a case?

Different pigtails braids are a bad choice for two reasons:

  • Firstly, tightly braided pigtails affect hair growth. They block the normal bloodstream and nutrients cycling at the hair follicles. Therefore, the hair’s condition will deteriorate over time.
  • Second, it is not beautiful. Such a “mouse tail” looks empty and it can emphasize imperfections of a child’s physical appearance.

It is better to choose a modern short hairstyle, such as a square neck or a bob. You can buy a cute headband or a nice hairpin for decorating such hairstyles. They will help to create the effect of much hair. If you are not sure which baby girl hairstyle to choose, you can consult with your hairstylist and he or she takes into account all the facial characteristics.

Curly and wavy hair

Features of children's hair

Sometimes, mothers of frizzy-haired girls feel uncomfortable taking care of such hair. No doubt, curly hair is very beautiful. The owner of such hair always looks elegant. If you choose the best care and fancy hairstyle, there won’t be any problem. Which hairstyles fit for medium-length curly hair?

Of course, your daughter wants to be a princess every day and in all circumstances. But flowing hair is more a festive option than an everyday one in childhood. The child is active, she plays, runs, and jumps, so such a pretty hairstyle is only a liability. Convince your daughter and show her several ways to style her hair as beautifully as possible.

We suggest you try three options of easy hairstyles for school for different hair lengths

hairstyles for school for different hair lengths

Weave and harnesses for short hair

This cute hairstyle for school looks very voluminous and spectacular. The weave looks nice with the straight and side hairline.

You need only a couple of small invisible hairpins:

  • You should select the hair strand on both sides (you can take the hair strand from the temporal area).
  • You can divide the selected strand into 2 parts and braid a rope of hairs.
  • Twist the rope towards the back of the head and fix it with hairpins.
  • Do it on the other side, as well.

As a result, you remove the hair from the front of the head and it would not hinder the child.

You can fix the shape with a hair spray, but it is not necessary for baby hair.

Kids hairstyle for medium-length hair (for hair below the shoulders or at the level of the shoulder blade)

Kids hairstyle for medium-length hair

Prepare one sturdy elastic band and a few invisible hairpins.

  • Pull all daughter’s hair from the temporal part and those that cover the entire front of the head.
  • Tie them in the tail from behind (don’t worry if the hair looks a little sloppy, it’s even better).
  • Now tuck the tip of the tail into the hole above the elastic band.
  • Repeat this action with each strand of hair until it is all in the hole above the elastic band.
  • If necessary, you can fix them with hairpins.

That’s all, no worse than a Disney Princess.

Updos for long hair

Updos for long hair

A very stylish option for both school and a walk. You will need three thin elastic bands for this hairstyle (you may select any color, but it is better to take a see-through).

  • Split all the hair into three parts starting with the top of the head, then collect it into tails at ear and neck level.
  • Then you need to place the tip of the upper tail in the hole above the scrunchie.
  • Repeat the same element with the middle and lower tail – done!

We can talk a lot about girls. Also, we want to say a few words about long hairstyles for boys. Forget about the bald hairstyle or spider web on the temples. If your boy has thick and obedient hair you can choose fashion cuts such as undercut, “Canadian”, top-knot or man-ban.

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