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How to Keep the House Clean and Organized? Tips That You Will Appreciate!

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clean house for kids

Everyone likes it, but not everyone succeeds – this saying is just about cleanliness. Some housewives scrub the apartment from morning to evening while watching their children, unaware of simple and extremely effective ways to put things in order. We’ll tell you about these little tricks – they will help you in how to keep your house clean and organized at a low cost, as well as save a lot of time and nerves.

Clean House for Kids: What Should You Pay Attention To?

how to keep your house clean and organized

There are a few things that moms don’t do quite right, which creates even more unnecessary problems and wastes even more time. In the end, they completely cease to understand how to keep a clean house with toddlers and completely lose interest in doing anything. But we won’t allow this anymore! Here are the details to look into if you want to figure out how to keep the house clean with kids and make it easier for you.

  1. Stop thinking only about cleaning. You don’t need to constantly wash the floor, and then walk again. But this doesn’t mean that you need to litter the whole house. With this in mind, you need to find a middle ground. You also have to accept that cleaning the house with kids may not always be perfect or will sometimes need to be tried at all.
  2. Say no to light furniture. You just get tired of constantly cleaning snow-white carpets and sofas. Children can spill something, paint, stain with food, and so on. It may not always be possible to clean these stains clean. So it is better to choose dark furniture because flaws will be less visible on it.
  3. Washable surfaces. This is the best solution in the kids’ clean house. You will save your time and nerves, but you still have to spend a little more than ordinary wallpapers and sofas. It will be convenient for you to clean all the furniture, and you will also be less worried if something gets on them.
  4. Put all things in their place. We recommend that you do this with your child in order to teach him to order. For example, putting dirty dishes in the sink, throwing dirty clothes in the basket, and putting toys back in place. This will significantly reduce the cost of time and teach the child a useful activity that will be useful to him in the future.
  5. Do everything gradually. There is no need to switch to a new task because you don’t want to finish the previous one. For more convenience, start cleaning everything in one room and then move on to another.
  6. Priorities. Think about what takes the most time for you and start there. Or, on the contrary, finish small tasks that take up little time and resources.
  7. Follow the plans. If you have planned that tomorrow you want to clean all the floors, or clean the perfect kitchen, do it tomorrow. Then you can accidentally forget about it, postponing this cleaning for an indefinite period. By the way, this is how you can distribute responsibilities for the whole week by writing everything down in a notebook or attaching a leaf to the refrigerator.
  8. Hide things. No need to put on the surface flowerpots, vases, jewelry, and figurines. This will reduce the likelihood that the child may accidentally catch something and get hurt during development. Also, don’t leave fragile items where children can reach. The same goes for cleaning products, powders, and adult care products. Hide food that the child cannot eat on the upper shelves, and those useful for him – down.

How to Keep the House Clean and Organized: Tips

clean house with kids

In addition to these things that can make a big difference to how to keep home clean and organized, we’ll show you some other helpful tips. They are very simple but will take some getting used to. If you do everything systematically, then your life will be much easier and you will no longer need to constantly ask yourself “how to keep your house clean with a toddler”.

Innocent Fun

If your kids are creative and love to play with colored markers and crayons, then you are sure to come across a hassle on how to keep a house clean and organized. This can be a real disaster for wood surfaces. But don’t despair: regular toothpaste will easily remove multi-colored stains without damaging the texture. And you can wipe the drawings made with a pencil from the walls with a damp sponge, lightly sprinkled with soda.

Plush Trooper

As we all know, these toys collect a lot of dust, so cleaning them will be very important in how to keep your house clean with toddlers. Agree, there isn’t always enough time to wash the soft toys of babies in the washing machine. There is an easier and quicker way: walk on the plush pets with the universal roller for cleaning clothes, delicately removing dust and lint from them.

Dog’s Life

If you haven’t only children, but also animals, then you are certainly constantly worried about how to keep the house clean and organized. To eliminate unpleasant odors on soft surfaces (especially the pillows that your pets spend most of their time on), sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on them, let them sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum the surface.

No Blockages

Surely your children can throw various objects into the sink or toilet, sometimes even those that get stuck there (very often this happens with food). If the drain hole of your sink gradually starts to clog, follow our advice: add half a glass of baking soda, then half a glass of vinegar. After that, cover the hole with a damp piece of cloth and, after five minutes, run a stream of hot water. Using this tip has been keeping the house clean and organized.

New Softness

Baby’s delicate skin requires the same care. Hard water is the main reason your towels become fluffy, unpleasant to the touch. It won’t be very pleasant for the child. So if you don’t know where to start, how to keep the house clean with toddlers, start with this. Pour a glass of 0.25% ammonia solution (ammonia) into a basin with as hot water as possible and rinse – this will return the towels to their former softness.

No Mold

Mildew and mildew on towels aren’t good for a child’s body. This can cause irritation, allergies, or breathing problems. Therefore, this can also be attributed to important things in how to keep a clean house with a toddler. Don’t have a tumble dryer in your bathroom and leave the towel wet in a damp room or piled it up with other damp items? Shake it well and leave it to dry in the sun for at least three hours. Then briefly soak it with bleach, after which the towel can be safely machine washed.

Pure Radiance

Agree, many children love to lean against mirrors and glass surfaces, leaving their marks on them. With this in mind, such surfaces shouldn’t be cleaned with aggressive agents. Use white vinegar to keep your windows looking clean. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with about four liters of water and spray onto the glass panes, then wipe with a microfiber cloth. This will be enough for a good clean house with kids.

Absolute Order

Small kitchen utensils are dangerous for children, so they need to be hidden and cleaned well before that. Add a little dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water to the spray bottle and spray on the dirty surface, then wipe it off with a well wrung out cloth. Then hide everything so that the child cannot reach it.

Secrets of Disguise

Do your kids love to run around the house? Of course, they can accidentally catch on something and scratch surfaces. Then a walnut is a great solution to how to clean a house with a toddler! Just walk the nut over the surface. Yes, at first glance it looks strange, but it really works and will save any floor in a matter of seconds.

Easy Cleaning

As we said before, if you have been keeping the house clean with kids, then you can’t use aggressive cleaning products. Use lemon everywhere: when washing dishes, flooring, dusting, and so on. Dilute it with water (you can warm up the water a little if you hear old stains) and gently get rid of all stains.
We of course understand that it can be difficult for your kid to clean the house. But we still advise you to try the methods above. It won’t be very appropriate to implement them all at once. Start with 2-3 and get used to doing them daily. After that, you can proceed to the next and so on until the end. By adding all these chips that will help you figure out how to keep your house clean with kids quickly and easily, you will eventually understand that it will become much easier for you and that you will have more free time, which you can devote to a pleasant time with your family, or to cheat on yourself. Good luck!

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